I can’t relax.

Out of my mind, People-

Not really. It’s just that I never seem to really slow down. I have no idea how to slow down.

I will be in Lawrence, Kansas, St. Louis and Bloomington, Indiana this week. I know the Lawrence and St. Louis dates are sold out but I’m not sure about Bloomington. I’ll be there at the Comedy Attic Thursday through Saturday. It’s an intimate room. Good things happen in intimate rooms. Even if they aren’t good, things still happen. I guarantee this: Things will happen that will never happen again. In a good memorable way or just a memorable way. Is that cryptic? IT WILL BE UNIQUE AND GOOD. That’s what I am trying to say. I know that your memory goes as you get older. I also know that the desire to use all caps grows as well. I don’t think they are connected. OR ARE THEY?

I can’t relax. I think maybe I’m afraid to or I just don’t know how. I do things that are supposed to be relaxing but my brain won’t have it for very long. I had a great weekend. I had someone in from out of town. I wanted to take her places. We went out to eat a couple of places, we went to the movies and we went to Venice Beach. I never go to Venice Beach. I live about as far east in LA as you can. Going to the West Side is like going to another country to me but I wanted to take her. I wanted to walk along the beach and I wanted soft serve ice cream. Not sure where that urge came from. What part of my past. It is not something I generally crave but I can’t shake it now. So, we went to Venice.

Venice is a multi-culti clusterfuck parade of all kinds of people casually and comfortably not giving a fuck how they look. It’s spectacular. There are also a separate bunch of people in Venice who go way out of their way to look way weird but that’s usually their job. We eventually saw some people with the soft serve so we knew we were close. We got the cones and headed away from the fray to the water’s edge and walked, shoeless, eating ice cream. The day was perfect. The ocean has been providing consistent solace and meditative calm for people for centuries. I could see the hills of Malibu in the distance. I was with someone I enjoyed being with and it was going well for about 9 minutes. It was going well until my brain said, “Fuck, I have to get those hard drives looked at. What the hell happened to that back up drive?” I don’t need to give you the backstory on this. Maybe another time. The problem was the panic that took place was a useless waste of being present for what life is supposed to be about. I had to shake it off. Focus. I have to get the hard drive in my head working properly as well.

Craig Gass is an impressionist but he’s also a guy with a hell of a story. I had a good tak with him that you will hear today. On Thursday I talk to Romany Malco about how he ended up becoming a comedic actor. Fun week. Dig it.


Boomer lives!