I am writing this in a panic.

Short and sweet, folks-

It’s late and I spaced out. I am writing this in a panic. I want to stay in touch but the three day weekend screwed me up. So, now I am sitting in a hotel room writing to you, quickly.

I’m in Seattle. I just got finished doing shows at the Bumbershoot Festival and they were awesome as they always are. This is by far the best festival to do comedy at. All the venues are indoors in theaters and the crowds are spectacular. I have to say that I don’t like festivals. I’d like to believe its because I’m getting old but I don’t think I have ever liked them. They are very exhausting. There’s too much humanity all at once. I get emotionally drained. I love seeing bands I like but sometimes it’s hard to focus because there are just too many people doing weird shit everywhere. I zoned in on these 70 year old hippy guys doing the trippy dance nonstop. I was actually concerned for them. I thought if they kept molding the music into trails and orbs only they could see and bouncing around like children that their organs might start falling out of them. Then I thought that they might be the source of the energy of the entire festival. They were the arcane battery of groovy freedom that keeps it all alive. Then I questioned who was being trippy. Jesus, I was getting a contact psychic high from their frenzy. Then I realized that’s a good thing. Why fight it. It wasn’t even a jam band. We were listening to Bob Mould just beat the shit out of his guitar in the most beautiful way possible. That was all I could take. An hour of Bob Mould and I was content.

On Monday I will share one of the best conversations I have had on my show. I interview Ben Sidran. I know. I didn’t know who he was either. His son kept emailing me and telling me I had to talk to his dad because we were a lot alike and we would have a great talk. I googled him and it turns out he is a real deal veteran jazz man with a ton of records and a few books under his belt. I was embarrassed I didn’t know him. I filled my mind up with his stuff and we had an amazing talk about creativity, improvisation and spirituality. Really dug it. On Thursday I talk to Kathryn Hahn about her career and her role in the new Jill Soloway film, Afternoon Delight. Jill is going to join us as well. I went to the premier of the film and it blew me away. It was raw, real, surprising and it addressed women, sexuality and relationship in a way I had not seen. It was a risky balance of emotion, humor and sex that was engaging and moving.

Dig it.

Boomer lives!