I am writing this as a 15 year old.

Holiday time!

I’m going to my mother’s today. More on that later.

First things first. I will be at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, PA on Dec. 6th through 8th. I can’t wait, actually. I need to get back in the long set groove. I need to work some shit out and I need you to witness it. It should be fun or whatever that feeling is I get when I’m not thinking.

Also, out of respect for Boomer I have created a limited run of ‘Boomer Lives’ t-shirts. This is a very WTF specific thing. So, if I see you in one I know you are a real deal WTFer. I will be sending a dollar from each sale to an animal-related charity. I haven’t figured out which one. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I miss the little ginger fucker. The deck isn’t the same without him. Just some mean looking strays hanging around now.

So, my mother’s house. Florida. Those of you who have been listening a while know I do the Thanksgiving thing every year in Hollywood, FL. I cook for 17-24 people in a kitchen that is not prepared to cook anything. It’s a ‘heat up’ kitchen not a ‘cook in’ kitchen. I love doing it. Because I am only there a few days I feel like a chef that has been flown for an event. The only difference is I don’t get flown or paid and it’s my mother’s house so I leave emotionally drained and infantilized. I have to say that knowing I am going down there always screws up the couple of weeks before I leave. I have come to believe that the emotional regression starts a week of so ahead of me leaving. I am a 49 year-old man. I am usually about 30 emotionally. So, it’s a short jump to the 10 I will be by Thursday. I am writing this as a fifteen year-old.

I do wish you all a great Thanksgiving. Eat well. Deal the best you can. If you get aggravated, remember this whole life thing is not that long so don’t waste too much energy on shit that can’t be fixed. Try to stay as close to your actual age as possible. I’m going to try to convince the pissed off kid in me to realize that whatever he is expecting just isn’t going to happen. I don’t know how he’ll take it. I’m sure he will just take it out on his mother.

Monday I talk to the very challenging and brilliant director Todd Solondz about his insistence on being dark and weird. On Thursday I talk to the highly Jewish and neurotic Ed Crasnick about what he is doing with his crazy.


Boomer lives!