I am barely connected.

I am barely connected, People-

I'm not talking emotionally. I am talking globally. The struggle with Time Warner continues. I'll tell you about it in a minute.

If you live in Cleveland, Raleigh, Austin, Chicago or Memphis, I'm coming your way. Click on your city for info. Also, I'll be at the Ice House in Pasadena next Sunday, April 6th. Okay.

Sadly, after pushing back at Time Warner as hard as I could the truth is like so many other truths that remain elusive, like God or dark matter. Who knows? I thought that something as simple as why I can't maintain an internet connection would be easily solved but, after spending hours of time and emotional energy searching for the truth, I believe that Time Warner has no fucking idea how to help me. They don't know. I have gone through the labyrinth, I have weathered the maze, I have run the gamut and on the other side is nothing. No answers. They don't know. That is why they have so many teirs and levels of support and customer service. It is a wall of people to absorb our pain, frustration, anger and disappointment. In doing that the void at the core of Time Warner hopes we will become depleted, apathetic and compliant. I know now it is on me to decide where I go from here. Time Warner's slogan should be: We're here, we're all you've got, we can't help you, at all, fuck you.

I have to be honest. I'm a bit out of the loop. I don't keep up. In my life I've probably seen 12 episodes of Friends and maybe 16 full episodes of Seinfeld. Seriously. Weird, right? So, when I ran into Josh Radnor at The Bowery Hotel in NYC last week I knew him primarily from Jill Soloway's film 'Afternoon Delight' and from having met him 9 years ago at a dinner party shortly after he got his role on 'How I Met Your Mother.' Between meeting him and today I've probably watched three episodes of the show. I'm not ashamed of that. It's just not my thing, I guess. When I asked him in NYC if he wanted to do WTF it was just because I liked the guy and he's achieved a tremendous amount of success in show business, on the sitcom, in making his own films and on stage. I didn't see me not knowing really anything about the show he's been doing for 9 years as an obstacle to us talking. I was right. It wasn't. We talked about it but the guy's got a lot more going than just that show. He's a grounded, thoughtful dude with a tight work ethic and I loved talking to him. On Monday night the final episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' airs. Monday during the day we post my interview with Josh.

On Thursday I talk to Lewis Black. Now, I've know Lewis for years. You all know Lewis from his many CDs, books and specials, but do you know his plays? Do you know that his dream and journey includes years and years trying to be a playwright? I kind of did but I had no idea to what extent. The talk we had was all new to me. Me and Lewis talked about his life leading up to him starting to do comedy. It is a unique conversation with a very powerful and prolific comedian about how he got that form of expression. I love this conversation.


Boomer lives!