Hope and Light.

Okay, People-

This is it. My last week on the road for a while. I’m heading back to the Cat Ranch today to focus on my book and get back into shape. I ate fucking Biscuits and Gravy at 2 am last night. Just sayin'…

I’m in Louisville, KY and it has been great. I am always a bit apprehensive about traveling to the South. I know it is a bit prejudiced to think that way but there is something about the history of prejudice in the region that makes me prejudiced against that prejudice. Even though I have had nothing but good times in the South and the people have been great. I flew into Louisville and driving from the airport the first large building I saw heading into town was The Jewish Hospital. For a second I thought, “That’s where I’ll end up. They actually built a hospital for Jews that get themselves hurt down here.”

Obviously I was all wrong. Everything has been great. It’s a fine city with lots of groovy stuff to do. I think I had the best chocolate chip cookie in my life at a place called Please Thank You. I went to the Muhammad Ali Center and that was pretty overwhelming and inspiring. It documents his career as fighter, his courage in the face of racism, Parkinsons and the wave of negative judgment of him when he chose not to go to Vietnam. It went into his spiritual and poetic sides, his charity and mission in life. It was really amazing. About halfway through it I stopped thinking, “Man, I shouldn’t have eaten that cookie.” And instead started thinking, “Man, I really haven’t done much in my life.” By the end of the exhibition I was thinking, “Man, maybe I should change my name and stand for something.” I am going with Hope. My name is now Marc Hope Maron and from this day on I will be filled with hope and light. I will no longer complain about my weight or talk about myself… I’m rethinking this now. I won’t complain about my weight. Baby steps.

This week we have a special show in. I was so surprised and excited about last Monday’s Bell House show that we are putting it up today. The show was already amazing and wild and then it just got better. I booked Ira Glass, Morgan Spurlock, Elna Baker, Joe Mande, Wayne Koestenbaum, Nick Griffin and Nick DiPaolo... AND Artie Lange came with DiPaolo and got on stage for a bit. It was so good to see him healthy and sober, I wanted to get the episode up asap. On Thursday the strange and multiple personalities of Will Franken people the garage. Big week. Hope you dig the show.

Marc ‘Hope’ Maron