He was a good cat.

Okay, People-

The first week of shooting of my IFC show was awesome. I really have no precedent in my life for what is happening. I’ve done a few little things here and there but now I am shooting 12-13 hour days and it is an amazing experience. Everything I have done in my life has lead up to this. I think if this had happened even five years ago I would have been out of my mind with panic and insane. For some reason that is not happening. I guess I know the reasons. I had a hand in all of the writing, the casting, the set, the car, the selection of cat, the locations and the clothes so I’m sure that all has something to do with my comfort level. I think I am doing a pretty good job playing the part of me. It’s not as easy as you think. I’m a fairly complex character. I’m glad I’m familiar with most of my motivations.

No good news on the Boomer front. I’m losing hope. I put out some flyers in the surrounding homes and I’ve been keeping an eye out but no sign. It’s heart breaking but when you have an outdoor cat you always sort of prepare for this. There are a bunch of signs around the hood for other missing cats. That is not a good omen. There may be Coyotes in the hills. I really don’t want to think about that. I’d rather think of him eating in someone else’s place and happy. If I entertain the Coyote scenario it’s Boomie with the Trickster spirit being taken on some kind of vision quest or heroic trek only to return with ancient wisdom.

I have to say I have learned something about the nature of hope in the last week. The feeling of hoping that Boomie is okay runs deep. I want that. I want him back. The hope that he comes back is powerful because I know if he does that everything will be okay for at least a little while. That is the hope of return realized. Hanging on to that hope is tough. Boomie has made me understand Jesus better. The idea that someone is going to come back and take you with him to the best place ever is pretty heavy—that one requires faith which I don’t have. I’ll just wait it out and see if Boomie comes home. I’m not ready for Jesus.

If he doesn’t come home I will have to just appreciate the time we spent and remember him well. He was a good cat.

On Monday I am embracing the Black comedy community so back off. I talk to Ali Leroi, John Davies and R.C. Lambert about the film Phunny Business which is a documentary about All Jokes Aside, the now defunct comedy club in Chicago. On Thursday the Nerdist's Jonah Ray talks about growing up in Hawaii, music and the funny. So dig that.

Hope you are all well.