Fester and Dread.

Merry, happy, folks-

Salt Lake City! Let’s do this. I am returning to Wiseguy’s Comedy Cafe on January 13th and 14th at their Trolley Square club. Looking forward to the show in our nation’s only functioning and established theocracy. Come out if you can, Mormons, non Mormons and not-so-mormony-Mormons.

Here’s another heads-up for the shows in Boston. On January 27th at The Wilbur Theater I will be doing an early show of my standup at 7pm and a late show that will be a live WTF at 10pm. As of now that live WTF will feature some of the great standups I started out opening for. Kenny Rogerson, Tony V, Mike Donovan and Jimmy Tingle have all agreed to do the show. Obviously it is subject to change and there will be more comics announced as we get closer to the date but that is where it stands now.

Thank you all for the gifts and cards that have been coming in. I am really moved by all the love and gratitude coming my way for the show. I’m glad you all dig it and are getting so much out of it. It’s all very humbling in the best way possible. I had no idea what the show would be when I started it and I could never imagine the impact and entertainment it brings to the people that dig it. It is overwhelming for me. I think I may even be experiencing joy which is appropriate for the season. I’ve seen that word bandied about for most of my life but I don’t think I have ever been able to attach my experience to it. Thanks to you people I am a bit. I don’t want to over do it. Too much joy can be dangerous to comedy unless you are doing a ‘joy’ character. Maybe that is what I will evolve into. I’ll be the ‘joy’ guy.

I really wish I were more of a holiday person. I don’t ever seem to find pause in my life and that goes for all sanctioned days of pause and celebration. They generally seem a little lonely and quiet to me. This year I have some crazy love in my life and I am excited to get out of town for a week or so. I’m heading down to Florida to see the mom and then onto the Keys with the girl for some R and R if that is even possible. I think I can do it. R and R for me include some mental festering and dread but if I am on a beach or by a pool or out to dinner no one has to know that. I just have to make sure my face is not in fester and dread mode. It’s a mild adjustment. I’ll put on my vacation face.

Speaking of fester and dread the book is coming along. If I can get the pieces done and not go back and re-read them to the point of hating them we will pull it off. We’ll see.

On the show this week: Monday, one of the biggest draws in the world, Russell Peters is on the show. Russell talks about international comedy and jokes that cross all cultural barriers. On Thursday's show, the snarky and contentious Michael Ian Black. Wait, he's not contentious, I am. Wait, I don't know. Listen and tell me what you think.

Have a great holiday.