Enough about food.

Enough, Folks-

Seriously. I’m talking to myself, of course. I have to draw a line. As I head into creating the new season of my TV show, if I don’t want the story arc to be about me becoming slightly obese, I better stop eating.

HOW CAN I? I’m writing this from Chicago literally steps away from deep dish pizza. Why can’t I just tell myself that I can get that anywhere and if I were anywhere else I wouldn’t be eating it. Well, the reason I can’t tell myself that is it isn’t true. It’s really only good here. And that’s the rub. Specific food from specific places is best in that place. I can attest to that. Not Chinese food though. I don’t love Chinese food but I did have it in Beijing and quite honestly it was awful. Enough about food.

I love Chicago and I had a great time at Mayne Stage which really is one of the best performance venues I have ever played. I did some weird, raw shows and I am glad that everyone who came out seemed to have a good time. I did some old school drunk heckler obliteration that maybe I will share with you if the sound quality of the recording is good enough. I was at once proud and ashamed at the crazy anger I dumped on a couple of drunk jocks. That’s something I usually reserve for people I love and am close to. They absorbed it and enjoyed it. I think we’re good. I really don’t know if I am experiencing a mild mania or I'm just geared up and excited. Why pathologize? I’ll go with geared up and excited.

I want to say a few things about today's show. It was recorded live in Austin at the Moontower Comedy Fest and it was great. The reason I love this live show is the line up is amazing and it also includes Jim Norton. Let me make this clear. The show had Dom Irrera, Michael Ian Black, Todd Barry, Maria Bamford, Janeane Garofalo and Jim. Now, most of the audience was not that familiar with Jim and I’m going go out on a limb and say many of them had no idea what kind of comedy he does or what his life is. One of those people was Maria Bamford. I don’t want to spoil anything but when Jim gets into talking about his sexual exploits and a particular fetish, Maria audibly gasped. I felt bad that she was so shocked as was most of the comedy nerd audience but it was a very human moment. Also on this show you can all witness the live dynamic between me and Michael Ian Black. I know some of you are concerned as to whether or not we are real friends or hate each other. Now you can listen and decide for yourself. On Thursday the lovely Bill Hader hangs out in the garage and talks about his recent move to LA and his rocky start in the biz. Good stuff.


Boomer lives!