Eating in NYC.

NYC, Folks!

Just getting ready to leave NYC. Had a really great time here. I think I needed the rest and needed to get out of LA after wrapping season 2 of ‘Maron.' I also had some business here that I don’t think I am at liberty to really talk about but let's say it went well. Everyone who was involved seemed happy with it.

I’m a bit anxious. I hope I can get out of NYC. I think I should be able to but I have become terrified of the weather in terms of travel. They used to fly in snow but not so much anymore. We’ll see. There’s a bit in the forecast but maybe we’ll get out.

Let me break down what I put in my body while I was here. I think you all should know. First night here we went to Angelika Kitchen. Healthy shit. The best macro joint on the planet though I’ve only eaten at maybe three. It was a good way to start. After eating there some part of you thinks, "why not eat like this all the time," and then, the following night, the Carnegie Deli steps in and shows you why you can't. A pastrami sandwich, matzoh ball soup and a slice of cheesecake later you think, "I don’t think I can ever eat again." That passes. Next day, Mogador Café for tagines and groovy Moroccan sides, mint tea, solid. Next day, Veselka, hot borscht and perogi. Then Russ and Daughter for just two fillets of matjes herring which almost cost me my new relationship. It’s a rocky initiation into the latent culinary yearnings of eastern European Jew lineage. She didn’t like it but she tried it. I think her immediate response was, "foul." Last night up we went to Scott Conant's NYC Scarpetta and had an awesome meal. I believe I may have a heart attack but I also believe this was just the trip to push me into a healthier food and exercise regimen. We’ll see. Both could happen.

And, yes, I am dating Moon Zappa. So, there. It’s been fun and grown up and AGE APPROPRIATE. Lots of crying (good kind) and laughing and talking and learning how to be in a relationship in a healthy way and other stuff (shy).

Do you know what Dr. Bronner’s All in One Soap is? Have you read the label? Do you remember the first time you saw the label and thought, "What the fuck is this?" I do. Through some weird coincidences I was able to interview David Bronner who is the grandson of Emmanuel Bronner who is the guy who wrote that stuff on the label. I was curious and obsessed about it. Interesting talk. On Thursday, if all goes as planned, the amazing Ron White will be on the show. I love Ron. He’s the real deal. I’m looking forward to talking to him.


Boomer lives!