Clean Shaven at the Philharmonic.

Clean Shaven at the Philharmonic.

Okay, Pals-

First off, heads up! Me, Neptune Theater, Seattle, Nov. 25th, still some tickets left. Me, Arlington Draft House, Arlington, VA, Dec. 2nd and 3rd, still some tickets left. Come out if you are in those areas.

How is everyone? I am a bit weirded out. I took a stealth trip into NYC to shoot a couple of scenes in an indy movie. I play a corporate consultant. The film is called ‘Wifed Out.' They asked me to be clean shaven. I don’t think I have seen my face in I-don’t-even-know-how-many years. I buzzed off my stache and soul patch. It was like amputating an identity limb. It wasn’t painful but it is interesting to realize how much of your image is hanging from facial hair. It feels good. I don’t think I will keep it smooth. I like the face configuration I’ve settled on but I just wanted you all to see what’s under there.

Clean Shaven

Be nice. I’m very vulnerable right now.

I got into NYC on Friday night. I had very little sleep. I was staying at a hotel directly across from Lincoln Center. My plan was to go out and grab something to eat and then crash because I had an early call time, 5:30am. I walked out of the Empire Hotel. The weather was perfect, crisp, fall, New York. It had just gotten dark. I looked over at Lincoln Center and it was buzzing with people. Lincoln Center houses the Metropolitan Opera, The New York City Ballet and The New York Philharmonic. There are three different buildings. I decided to go see what was going on. I thought this is what New York is all about. Spontaneously immersing yourself in real deal culture and art. There was no ballet going on at the NYC Ballet. There was an opera happening at The Met, the Philip Glass Gandhi opera. I asked if the guy in the window if there were seats.

He said, “Sure”.

I asked how long it ran.

He said, “about four hours.”

I said, “I can’t do four hours. Is there someone I can talk to about tightening it up?”

I walked over to The New York Philharmonic. They were doing Strauss Don Quixote and Beethoven’s Pastoral. “Do you have seats?’ I asked. The woman in the window said yes.

“How much for the best seats?” I asked.

“129.50. Center seat, Orchestra, ten rows from the stage.”

“How long is the thing?” I asked, trying not to let on that it was the most important question.

“About two hours.”

“Perfect. I’m in.”

So, I sat, alone, center orchestra, covered in cat hair, surrounded by people who look like they were cast in a later Woody Allen film and took in the jams. It was fascinating and beautiful. I know nothing about classical music but I do know how to listen and all I can say is the Beethoven was definitely a good choice to close with. It rocked.

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