Charming & Gritty.

Happy New Year!

Dates! SLC Utah at Wiseguys Jan. 13-14! Atlanta, GA at The Laughing Skull Lounge Jan. 19-22! Boston at The Wilbur Theater Jan. 27! Stand up show and Live WTF. Come on out!

We’re a day into the new year and it seems to be going well. I know I do this often but I have to thank all of you again for supporting the show. Last year was an amazing year and I couldn’t be prouder of what we have accomplished. I want to thank everyone involved with the show, BM and Sam, the two Ashleys, Brian, Sheila, Olivia and the OWA/TAO crew, Blue Collar Distro, superfan Amy, our sponsors, people who donate and buy stuff and everyone who just listens and enjoys the show. Thank you, really, thanks so much. A special thanks to Jessica for loving me because I know it's not easy. I have a hard time with it.

I’ve been down here in Florida since Christmas Day. I spent 3 days in Key West and 3 days in Islamorada and 3 days at my mother's. If I was to do it again I would have switched the order a bit and put my mother's at the beginning because I think the way I did it may have erased my vacation.

Key West was charming and gritty. I think if there were about 90 percent fewer people it would have been amazing. I did go to the Hemingway House which was really fascinating for me. I have not really read much Hemingway, like almost none, maybe a couple of short stories. I know about him a bit: war, fishing, hunting, macho, bipolar, suicide, genius. What I didn’t know was: cats. The man loved cats. Right now there are 44 cats living on the premises and many of them have six toes. They are descendants from Hemingway’s original six-toed cat. He was a crazy cat guy with his own cat ranch. When I went and looked into his study where he did most of his best work you could smell the cat pee. I have something in common with Ernest Hemingway. Cat pee. I think I may be the only man on the planet with a renewed interest in Hemingway, a writer I had dismissed, because his studio smelled like cat piss. Let the reading begin.

6 toed cat

I spent 3 days in Islamorada at a resort I couldn’t really afford but it was spectacular. I was walking on the private beach and I had a moment when I thought, ‘Why can’t everyone enjoy a beach like this?’ Then I realized everyone can. They’re called public beaches and they are quite a different experience. I guess what I am saying is I understand capitalism a little more clearly and the delusional thinking that drives this economy. In other words, I need my own beach. A guy can dream can’t he?

This week we start 2012 with a live show we did at The Steve Allen Theater with Steve Mazan, Jonah Ray, Maronzio Vance, Eddie Pepitone, Jim Earl and MOJO NIXON. I loved Skid and Mojo, and when I found Mojo down in San Diego I was thrilled he wanted to drive up and do the show. It was great having him. He improvised a song Mojo-style.

I interviewed Russell Brand on December 13th. I planned to put it up in a few weeks, but given the recent event unfolding with his marriage, I thought it best to put it up now. We didn’t talk about it specifically but we did talk about it vaguely. It was a great interview. He is very quick on his mental feet.

Happy New Year!