Boomer is missing.

Hey, Folks-

I’m freaking out. More on that in a minute.

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Magic Bag Theater in Ferndale, MI. We packed it out and they were great shows. I really appreciate everyone hanging out and saying hi after. I had a blast, hope you all did as well!

I’m freaking out. For reals. Boomer split. I have no idea where he is. He’s been gone since Friday morning and I’m trying not think the worst. He’s done this before but not for two days that I can remember. I am not keeping it together. I love that guy. He’s been with me for ten years. I guess all I can do is wait it out. It’s just hard. I don’t want to bum you guys out, it’s just what is going on right now. Me and Jess are a bit fraught.

I start shooting the IFC show today. Most of it will take place in and around Highland Park. I want to showcase the hood. The house that is supposed to be my house is genius. The set and design people are awesome. I’m nervous but excited. We are shooting for 5 weeks. I’ve never been in this position, ever. I’m trying to just stay in the present and not to freak out. Obviously it is barely working. I spent the entire plane trip to Detroit worrying about whether or not I was getting a cold sore and how could I shoot scenes with a cold sore. I was obsessing hard on it. I think I almost gave myself one. Then I started obsessing about Boomer. I want him to come back. I was getting so sad on the plane I didn’t know whether or not I would be funny in Ferndale. Between the made up cold sore and the very real Boomer issue I couldn’t shake it. It’s been a while since I really mentally clamped down on sadness and fear like that. I was able to compartmentalize it. I did good shows. Now I am on the plane home making flyers to put out in the neighborhood for Boomer. I hope he comes home. My first day of shooting revolves around him. There will be another cat playing him but if he doesn’t come home the sadness will be heavy.

Again, don’t want to bum you out. This is just what’s up.

Gilbert Gottfried is in the garage on Monday. I don’t think I got him all the way out of the schtick but maybe half-way. He was great. On Thursday, Dave Alvin. The former guitar player and leader of The Blasters. He’s one of my favorites. We had a good rap. We jammed a bit.