Be Thankful

Be thankful, people!

I love this time of year because winter in LA feels like fall everywhere else. The air is crisp, it's raining occasionally and I can wear a beanie if I want to. I like to wear wool hats. I like dressing for colder weather. So, I’m layering up even if it’s unnecessary.

This is the first year in a while that I’m not going to my mother’s for Thanksgiving. I will find something to do. I’ve been invited a couple of places. I’ll try not to sit at my house by myself though that is definitely an option. It might not be bad but I think it’s a bold action. I think if you sit holidays out when you have the opportunity to spend them with other people and it is an intentional celebration of sadness. Though sometimes spending time with other people can be even sadder. Tough call. We’ll see what I decide. I do know I probably won’t be cooking. Or I could actually just cook for myself. Maybe I should sit at home and eat scrambled eggs on Thanksgiving just to be contrary. We’ll see.

I just want to tell you about tomorrow’s show. I had the opportunity to talk to Larry King. I think it came through the folks that work on his Internet show. I don’t know if I would have interviewed him if it were just my decision. I guess I’m saying I wouldn’t have sought him out. I have nothing against Larry King per se. We do the same thing in some way. I just would not have thought to interview him. He’s a real guy. He’s is like a media truth of some kind: An archetype, a singular presence, an institution. I'm not going to put a value judgment - good or bad - on it. I’m just saying I didn’t seek him out. I think it was primarily because I couldn’t picture the person in there. I had absolutely no sense of who that guy is. I agreed to the interview and even made the trip to his place in Beverly Hills. I was given the time of 10:15 as when I was supposed to be over there. I waited out in the street in my car because I got there early. When I rang the bell I was greeted by a woman, walked into the entry way and waited for Larry King. He came out of the back house and said, “You’re late.” I wasn’t. We had been given different times. It got so uncomfortable for a few seconds that I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. He said he wouldn’t do the whole hour. I guess as punishment for my perceived lateness. At that point I wasn’t sure I cared one way of the other. I was cranky, he was cranky. I just wanted you to know that going in.

On Thursday comedian John Heffron talks a bit of shop and then we get into the real stuff. Great guy.

Have a great week and be nice to your family if you can.


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