Back to snow.

I’m trying, Folks-


First off, I want to reach out to people in Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, Vancouver BC, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Eugene OR, San Francisco CA, Bethlehem PA and Milwaukee WI. I will be in your towns in the next few months. Please check the listings to the left of this email. The re-scheduled dates for the Boston/Chicopee show are Chicopee on March 29th and Boston on March 30th. That’s two shows in Boston. A live WTF and a standup show. One standup show in Chicopee.

Back to snow.

My deepest apologies to the people of New England who were planning on coming out to see me at either the Boston or Chicopee gigs but there was just no fucking way it could happen. I was ready to go. I had asked my agent if there was any chance the gig would be canceled or whether or not we should cancel it. On Wednesday it was all systems go and everyone was just looking at the forecast as bad but doable. I know snow. I lived on the East Coast for years. I have done gigs in snow and driven to them in blizzards, so I was in. Then as shit started to unfold I realized a few things. I didn’t want my fans driving in horrible conditions, I didn’t want people not to come because they were afraid to drive and, because of the forecast, many people just weren’t going to come because of what might happen.

I got up Thursday, packed and loaded my car up for the airport and I just had that feeling. Something in my gut made me get on the phone and take a stand with my agent to get the shows moved. It just seemed unfair to too many people if the storm happened AND if I got there and the venue cancelled I would have had to eat the travel and the tickets. So, I put in a call to the agent and started driving to the airport. He called me back and said it was done. No shows and we’d reschedule. When I watched the news and the Twitter feed I can honestly say I have never been happier to see such a shitty snowstorm hit with such impact. I was off the hook and we all get another shot to do some shows that everyone can get to and no one well get stranded or hurt doing it. Unless there is another Blizzard on March 29th and 30th then I will have to re-think my entire belief system and get straight with God.

Thank you all for the amazing feedback on the Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner episodes. I really can’t express what an amazing experience it was to talk to both of them. I’m very happy you dug the talks.

This week on Monday I try to get behind the chaos and madness that seems to be Tom Green and on Thursday the renaissance man that is DC Pierson talks about any number of media he seems to be excelling in (and he’s not even 30 yet). I will try to keep my old man crankiness

at bay. Try.


Boomer lives!