Almost an Entire Day.

Hola, People!

I’ll give you a little update on a few things. We’re getting close to having all the scripts done for ‘Maron’ season 4. They are looking good. We left the character of Marc in dire straights at the end of last season and we will try to pull him out and get him back on his feet in this one. It’s been a fun season to create. I’m growing my beard out for the first couple of episodes. I don’t love beards. I miss my defined facial hair configuration.

I’m going to be doing some acting in a new Joe Swanberg Netflix project. I’m pretty excited about it. I like playing people who aren’t me. It’s better if they are a lot like me. I’m not that great an actor. No accents or weight gain, just somewhere in the range of neurotic and a little angry and I’m good.

I’ve been working on some new bits and doing a lot of standup. There are a lot of great guests coming up on the podcast. Things are going good. I actually felt good about myself for almost an entire day last week. Takes practice.

Thanks for all the good reaction to my special ‘More Later’ on EPIX. You can find out how to watch it if you haven’t at If you can't watch it at any of the available options it will be on HULU in a couple of months. I will give you the heads up.

Today you can listen to a truly amazing conversation I had with producer Brian Grazer. It is really the most thorough talk about show business I’ve ever had and it is with one of the biggest producers in the business. He’s a great guy, great talk. On Thursday I check in with my old friend Eric Bogosian who, among other things, has written a studious and in depth book about a little known story. It's about the assassinations of the some of the architects and active executors of the Armenian Genocide. He’s a talker. It was great.


Boomer lives!