A Slippery Slope.

Back to it, People.

Getting back to the ebb and anxious flow of being me. It had to happen. It’s okay. It’s good. I’ve got some good stories. You’ve all heard them but there are people that haven’t and I will corner them at parties and tell them.

If you live in Colorado I will be in Boulder on July 25th at The Boulder Theater and in Denver on the 26th at The Paramount. You should come. You should come even if you don’t live there. Take a drive. It’s summer. It’s nice. COLORADO!

I hope you had a good day of blowing shit up or avoiding shit blowing up or trying to comfort your cats and dogs while shit is blowing up. It was crazy here in Highland Park. CRAZY! There were more fireworks and explosions than I can ever remember. It was exciting. I love fireworks. I do. I didn’t get to light any this year but it’s probably better off. It makes me manic and childlike which isn’t great in terms of acting responsibly around fire.

Instead, I went to a nice grown up party with other grown ups and some of their young children. It was up in the hills here in the HP at my buddy Dan’s house. He’s the guy who owns Gimme Gimme Records. He’s my vinyl dealer. He’s my primary supplier. We hadn’t really hung out socially. It was cool. There were good people there and his wife made some amazing pulled pork, but in the back of my head I just needed to see his vinyl. The stash. The good stuff. I was casual about it. I didn’t press him until right before I left. He took me down in the basement to the room. There was a lot of records there but not like ‘this guy has a problem’ numbers. I was actually relieved to know that the full-on record nerds I know aren't complete hoarders. I know two. The other one is reasonable as well. It was disconcerting to see that the amount of records wasn’t too far off from the number I have, but I have a lot of re-issues and unnecessary records. I can feel myself transitioning into one of those dudes that is collecting as opposed to enjoying and I am nervous. I don’t want to spend my last days alphabetizing and limiting my plays because of wear. That is an all consuming hobby. I’m against all consuming hobbies. They are a slippery slope. They can be pathological.

Today I talk to Laura Jane Grace from the band Against Me!. Their album Transgender Dysphoria Blues was sent to me from I don’t know where. I listened to it. I felt it. I listen to a lot of records… once. I get a lot of records. I could hear some real urgency and feeling in that record. I had no idea who she was or who the band was. Upon further research I found out she is transgender and recently transitioned. I was curious about her trip. We found each other on Twitter and made it happen. I was nervous because I never talked to someone who had gone through what she went through and I’m not always sure if I am correct in my way of talking about things that are relatively new to me and different than my life. We did good. It was a great talk.

On Thursday I talk to the cantankerous legend that is Ed Asner and I spend a few minutes with Adam Goldberg. Good week.


Boomer lives!