Deliverance is Tenuous.

Hi, Folks.

Just a heads up, there are a few tickets left for my Carnegie Hall show on November 4. If you want to come you should snag them. I’m also going to be in Boston at The Wilbur Theatre on September 24. There are some tickets left for the late show. On October 21 I’ll be in Santa Barbara, CA at Campbell Hall at UCSB if you are in the area. I’ll be doing two LA shows in October, one at Largo on October 22 and one at The Ice House on October 23.

It’s been a good week. After I spent a few days in New Mexico I flew to NYC to meet up with Sarah. Her opening at Galerie LeLong was great. I lot of people came out. I want to thank all of you who heard about it on the show for being there. What was interesting to me was that so many of you are artists. So many listeners that introduced themselves to me told me they were painters. I guess it's nice to have some conversation going on in the background when you are focusing in on that canvas or chipping away at that rock or assembling that assemblage or moving it all around on a screen. I’m amazed at the type of people that listen to my show. It makes me happy to know that so many of you are out there trying to summon the spirit of expression through art. 
I get cynical and self-involved often, as you know. I’m not always thinking about what it takes for creative people that aren’t in my world to keep creating and keep taking risks. I get insulated. My relationship with Sarah has engaged me with painting and fine art in a way I have never been engaged. It has also let me see the insane focus and determination and creative impulse and confidence required to do art, to paint. I mean, shit, I talk and think. Occasionally I say something inspired or spit out a little poetry. I engage with people. It’s immediate. I commend all of you who are out there alone in a space with the raw materials and tools you have chosen as your ritual instruments of your craft to make the magic that is your being and catalyst of transcendence. Art is a tough racket. Deliverance is tenuous. Carry on.

After NYC I went up to Rochester to do four shows at The Comedy Club in Webster. The place is a great comedy room. It’s the real deal. All of my shows were hot as fuck. Literally. I guess it’s unusual for the area to have temperatures in the 90s for as long they have. I guess the AC just couldn’t hold up under the pressure of the humidity. I don’t know. I do know that after every show I was drenched with sweat. It was really the only time that has ever happened to me from actual heat on stage. I did four hour-and-a-half shows and within twenty minutes of being on stage for every one I was soaked. The audience was hot as fuck too so we were all in it together. I think we might have lost a few pounds or at the very least sweat out some toxins. It was a comedy show/sweat lodge. A mystical ritual. Thanks for coming out!

Today I talk to Ron Perlman. Ron was in a couple episodes of the last season of ‘Maron’ but I’m sure you know him from all his other work. Sweet guy. Good talk. On Thursday my comedian pal Chris Garcia talks about his trip to Cuba where he met a lot of his family for the first time and he also talks about having a parent battling dementia. Great talk. Good guy.


Boomer lives!