Amplify It.

Hi, Folks.

How are you holding up? 
I’m okay. I’ve been doing more comedy than I thought I would this summer. I guess that’s really what I do. I did three spots at The Comedy Store on Saturday. Stacking them up like it’s a night in NYC back in the day. 
I spend a lot of time tooling around the house doing random shit in between checking the news and managing panic. OCD-like behavior and comedy seem to keep me sane and connected to my life and not my mind which is on fire much of the time. Oh, and Sarah the painter does her part to keep me present and connected too. Though I really try not to lean too hard on her but maybe I should. There’s a fine line between draining someone with your needs and actually being there for each other. I guess it’s only a fine line for the drainer. Me. The drainee just gets exhausted. She’s really good at managing her resources and me. It's better I fester about cleaning a chair or going through a box of wires than starting shit with her for NO reason. In other words, the chair is clean, the wires are separated and organized, and Sarah still likes me. Summer. 
My right eye is fucked up. That’s another thing I do when I make a little time for myself. Zero in on everything that is going on in my body and amplify it. See, I know how to have a good time. I’m not sure what is going on and I don’t like it. There are many precedents in my life for feeling shitty for no clear reason. I did go see my trumpet-playing hard bop optometrist, Dr. Elliot Caine. He flipped the glass in the hanging, numbered mask and got me dilated and looked into the goo in my orbs and checked me for the Glaucoma while talking jazz the whole time. It was eye-opening. My prescription changed a bit. Of course, right after I just got new lenses and new frames but maybe that will resolve the issue. More new lenses. The nausea, lightheadedness and dizzy feeling. If not, time to make the rounds. I’m so glad I have good insurance. Everyone should feel that. It’s nice to know that you can go to a doctor when you need to. 
I have to think that with the free time in this particular era, stress is a factor to my queasiness. I talked to former Vice President Al Gore for today's show about the slow cooking of the planet and the repercussions of using the atmosphere as a vapor sewer. It’s some hard truth. And it is truth. I really don’t understand the ignorant pushback against climate science other than that some people are so greedy and entrenched in a fossil fuel paradigm that they are willing to hedge their bets to hold power and money. Much of that money they invest in brainwashing angry people into thinking climate change is bullshit. I guess they are afraid of renewable energy because it is hard to commodify the sun and wind. All you can do is harness them and that’s not good enough. Fuckers. 
So, Al Gore today and Thursday I talk to Rory Scovel. He’s a very funny guy and he lives down the street from me now. I do a short chat with Maz Jobrani as well. 


Boomer lives!