All We Have Is Each Other.

It's raining, folks.

You spend all year - years - waiting for water in LA and we are getting it. I mean, a lot of it. It’s strange living in a really old house. I’ve never really had any work done on it other than putting a new driveway in with a full drainage situation. That decision was compelled by rain. It doesn’t rain often here but when it does, holy shit. If I hadn’t put that driveway in this rainy season would have definitely flooded out the garage. So, maybe this rainy season will compel me to do some more work on my house. Like, get a new house. 

I mean, every time it rains like this I think the garage is going to slide down the hill, maybe with me in it. Or the entire roof of my house will just fall in. All is well so far but the garage is leaking a bit and I had to chisel a hole in a wall on the side of the house to drain the small lake collecting there. This house has been here for almost 100 years so I can look at that two ways: It’s been through earthquakes, arid dry waves, the Santa Ana winds over and over and torrential rainstorms—it can take it. OR this will be the last year that this house stays in tact. Time will tell. I am ready for it to stop raining.

Last weekend was amazing. I’m glad so many people took to the streets to be heard and seen and speak their minds and celebrate their anger. It was a women’s march but the streets were filled with all types and kinds of people. It was spectacular. All we have is each other. The reality that we are a community of people that want what America means: Freedom, liberty, equal rights, decency, respect, tolerance, diversity. These aren’t ‘liberal’ ideas. They’re American ideas. 

It’s very fucked up that there is so much anger and intolerance on both sides of this thing and the momentum of division is being stoked by the negligence and aggression of leadership. So, it’s on us to try to make this right for America and what we believe this country to be. Angry people in the streets PEACEFULLY protesting are necessary when no one really has our backs on a government level. It’s all we got—each other. 

There is a humility and vulnerability in not being able to pretend you are something you aren’t. It's awful to be scared of being hurt for who you are, but that’s where we are at and we have to stick together and take care of each other. We aren’t going to ‘get over it.’ It’s just starting. We don’t want to be erased or eradicated or gagged, not by our own fear or by anyone else. We can accept what has happened. Acceptance without submission. We need to speak up. A lot.

Great shows this week. Today, I talk to Martin Landau. The 88-year-old veteran actor takes me through becoming an actor in NYC at The Actors Studio with Marilyn Monroe and James Dean all the way to present day. Amazing talk. On Thursday I talk to my close friend Jonathan Daniel about his life journey from a hair metal band to being one of the most innovative music managers in the business. Good week. Good talks.


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