A Special Experience.

Hey, Folks!

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I wrapped. We finished shooting ‘GLOW’ for Netflix last Friday. It was emotional but I tried to keep it under control. I’m sure it will set in more in the next week. When you spend a few months working on something that is so collaborative as a TV show you get very attached to the process and the people involved. You live in the world of making the show more than the real world and it's very intense. 

Throughout the shoot I sort of kept my distance from the 14 women playing the wrestlers both for character reasons but also, I think, to preserve my energy and emotional stability. My personal boundaries aren’t great and maintaining them requires somewhat drastic action, like almost shutting down so I don’t spiral off one way or the other. So, I kind of minded my own business and stayed in the work. I wasn’t a dick but I was kind of self-involved. I was sociable but I think I was kind of guarded so I wouldn’t be too open and it wouldn't affect the guy I was playing. I couldn’t really be guarded around Alison Brie. She sort of had my number and could disarm me pretty quickly but that really informed our dynamic on the show and it was really good. I felt it. Our relationship is a primary one in the season so it was good that we had the rapport we had. It was also good for me because I’m no trained actor so having a real connection AND working with a great actress made me perform better. I felt very close to all of them whether they knew it or not. I had never been around that many women at once every day, ever. It was a true learning experience.

It was amazing watching all of them work. They really built a team, trained together, understood each other and real showed up for what were some pretty daunting scenes. I found it all very moving. Like, I would get choked up watching them wrestle and act and I had to kind of stuff it down because that was what the guy I was playing would do and also I didn’t want to lose my shit on set every other day as me, Marc.

Everyone involved with this show was amazing and did great work. I’m really excited for everyone to see it. I’m not sure when that will be but it will be a special experience to watch it. I really want to watch it. I have to wait, too. I have no idea how it all came together. There’s literally no way it can't be good.

Annette Bening is on the show today. We had a nice long chat about her life and acting and Warren Beatty and other stuff. It was nice. On Thursday I talk to guitar wizard Derek Trucks about being a child guitar wizard and evolving into a virtuoso as opposed to a novelty act and about all his mentors along the way. Great talks.


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