WTF Episodes

Episode 145 - Gallagher

Gallagher is the first guest to ever walk out on Marc in the middle of an interview. You’ll hear how it got to that point as the famed watermelon-smasher defends his original brand of comedy (said watermelon-smashing) and his recent strain of on-stage bon mots (which have come under fire for racist and homophobic undertones). This episode is sponsored by - click here for the special Valentine’s Day WTF offer.



From the “Best of WTF Vol. 1” album available only to Super Premium WTF Donators, this is a candid look at one of WTFs regulars, Jim Earl. First, one of Jim’s popular Remembrances, and then lost footage from the old Marc Maron Show with Marc and Jim in a heated argument that was recorded without their knowledge.

Episode 144 - Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt and Marc explore their frenemy relationship in the cozy confines of Marc’s garage. They’ll talk about what Patton plans to do during the pending apocalypse, how he became a trusted script-doctor in Hollywood, and why an act of joke theft led to a strong disagreement between the two of them.

Episode 143 - Henry Rollins

The forever-punk Henry Rollins crams into the garage to talk with Marc about his confrontational style, why forgiveness isn’t his thing, how an act of violence shaped his life, why he worked with Charles Manson, and what kind of relationship he has with his microphones. This episode is sponsored by - click here for the special Valentine’s Day WTF offer.


A superstar lineup joins Marc back at Comix in NYC. With Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Jon Glaser, Jessi Klein and Sam Seder.

Episode 142 - Joe Mande

Joe Mande has achieved lots of success in his young career and, surprisingly, that hasn’t stopped Marc from actually liking him. Joe and Marc talk about Twitter feuds, irritable bowel syndrome, and the finer practices of Jewish con artists. Plus, Joe explains the origins of his popular blog,, which has been turned into a book.

Episode 141 - Kevin Smith

Writer/director (and podcaster) Kevin Smith has a smoke-filled chat with Marc in the garage. He talks with Marc about how he confronts failure, how he responds to the haters, and how he hopes to continue his career once he’s finished making movies. This episode is sponsored by - click here for the special Valentine’s Day WTF offer.

Episode 140 - Rob Corddry

As far as life on the Internet goes, Rob Corddry grabbed the brass ring. He talks to Marc about how his web series “Children’s Hospital” got turned into an honest-to-goodness television show. They also discuss the finer points of clown classes, what it was like to be a Daily Show correspondent, and how crazy Oliver Stone really is.

Episode 139 - Greg Fitzsimmons

Comedian, author and podcaster Greg Fitzsimmons is back on the show, his first time on Marc’s home turf. The last time they chatted it got a little heated. This time they’re looking to bury the hatchet. But they’ll take a few swings at each other with it first. And Marc realizes why he loves to make Greg laugh. This episode is sponsored by Men of a Certain Age on TNT.

Episode 138 - Scott Carter

The executive producer of Real Time with Bill Maher reveals how informal living room chats were turned into two successful television shows. He’ll also tell Marc what led him to realize that stand-up wasn’t for him and he’ll get into why the last 20 years of his life have revolved around Tolstoy, Dickens and Thomas Jefferson. Plus, Marc gets bullied into meditating and reveals the three words that can liberate one’s soul.

Episode 137 - Bobby Lee

Don’t worry if you were a little hungover on New Year’s Day. Comedian Bobby Lee has a story to share that puts most embarrassing substance-abusing anecdotes to shame. Plus, Marc rings in the New Year with advice from German spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. This goes about as well as you would guess. This episode is sponsored by Men of a Certain Age on TNT.

Episode 136 - The Lost WTFs

To close out 2010, WTF presents some great segments that never made it into the podcast until now. Dan St. Germain regales a live WTF audience with an embarassing cocaine story. Toby Huss describes what it’s like working with Werner Herzog. Eddie Pepitone has a heart to heart with Marc in the garage. Dr. Steve analyzes the mind of a bully. And Jim Gaffigan is Jim Gaffigan.

Episode 135 - Carlos Alazraqui

Marc might not forgive most other comics for beating him in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, but he’s forgiven Carlos Alazraqui, probably because Carlos is such an interesting guy. He talks with Marc about his history as a voice actor, how the Taco Bell chihuahua bought him a house and how he deals with his rage issues. Plus, Marc’s house doubles as a metaphor for his life.

Episode 134 - Erin Foley, Jon Daly, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone & Dr. Steve

As the year comes to an end, WTF brings the house down with another live show at the UCB Theare in Los Angeles. Erin Foley comes clean about coming out, Jon Daly introduces us to Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Jim Earl shares his Cafe Diaries, and Eddie Pepitone has the last word, but not before Dr. Steve tries to help him solve some issues.

Episode 133 - Jackie Kashian

What’s a nice Midwestern gal like Jackie Kashian to do when sitting across from Marc Maron in his garage? Why, open up a vein, of course. She’ll share her stories of parental tragedy, chronic back pain and life lessons from Bill Cosby. Plus, Marc has a problem with his cat Boomer, which might have a larger meaning in his life.