WTF Episodes

Episode 153 - Paul Krassner

Marc travels into the California desert to meet Paul Krassner, who represents about a half century of counter-culture comedy. Paul talks about his writing in The Realist magazine and his work with Lenny Bruce, giving context to the tumult (and humor) of the 1960s. And, as an added bonus, Paul recounts the time he acid-tripped with Groucho Marx.

Episode 152 - Comedy Film Nerds

Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini, hosts of the Comedy Film Nerds podcast, join Marc to obsess over this year’s Academy Award nominees. Plus, Marc defends his love of Hollywood and the moviestar mystique. This episode is sponsored by - click here for 50% off almost any item plus free gifts.


Marc said this one would get filthy, and it did. With Dave Attell, Robert Kelly, Kurt Metzger, Anthony Jeselnik, Joe DeRosa and a special appearance by Amy Schumer.


Episode 151 - Carl LaBove

Comedian Carl LaBove was Sam Kinison’s best friend and opening act. Sam died in his arms. He talks with Marc about that night, as well as his wild early days at The Comedy Store. Plus, he shares in detail his attempts to get his life back after he found out a secret of Sam’s that turned everything upside down. 

Episode 150 - Paul F. Tompkins

The very funny Paul F. Tompkins, host of the Pod F. Tompkast, joins Marc in the garage. They find out they like each other more than they imagined. That’s probably because they find out they ARE more like each other than they imagined. Also, Marc recounts his tragic trip to the Mall of America.

Episode 149 - Tom Scharpling

Tom Scharpling, the host of “The Best Show on WFMU,” leaves the confines of his radio studio for a garage chat with Marc. Tom talks about the origins of “The Best Show,” what he thinks of his show becoming a top showcase for popular comedians, and what major role Marc played in his life, unbeknownst to Marc.

Episode 148 - Bobcat Goldthwait, W. Kamau Bell, Nato Green, Maria Bamford, Baron Vaughn, Will Franken

It’s a star-studded super show, live from Sketchfest in San Francisco. With Bobcat Goldthwait, W. Kamau Bell, Nato Green, Maria Bamford, Baron Vaughn and Will Franken.  Taped at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Click here and enter WTF for a special offer on Valentine’s Day roses.

Episode 147 - Stephen Tobolowsky

If you don’t know Stephen Tobolowsky as Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day or as Sammy Jankis from Memento or as Bob Bishop from Heroes or as the host of The Tobolowski Files on /Film or as… look, you definitely know Stephen Tobolowsky from something. Now get to know him better when he sits down with Marc in the garage. This episode is sponsored by - click here for the special Valentine’s Day WTF offer.

Episode 146 - Dave Foley

Kids in the Hall. Newsradio. A Bug’s Life. Now you can add Marc’s Garage to Dave Foley’s amazing list of credits. As Dave finds himself getting back into the stand-up game, he talks with Marc about his history in comedy, the roots of Kids in the Hall, and some turbulent times in his life. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Click here and enter WTF for a special offer on Valentine’s Day roses.

Episode 145 - Gallagher

Gallagher is the first guest to ever walk out on Marc in the middle of an interview. You’ll hear how it got to that point as the famed watermelon-smasher defends his original brand of comedy (said watermelon-smashing) and his recent strain of on-stage bon mots (which have come under fire for racist and homophobic undertones). This episode is sponsored by - click here for the special Valentine’s Day WTF offer.



From the “Best of WTF Vol. 1” album available only to Super Premium WTF Donators, this is a candid look at one of WTFs regulars, Jim Earl. First, one of Jim’s popular Remembrances, and then lost footage from the old Marc Maron Show with Marc and Jim in a heated argument that was recorded without their knowledge.

Episode 144 - Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt and Marc explore their frenemy relationship in the cozy confines of Marc’s garage. They’ll talk about what Patton plans to do during the pending apocalypse, how he became a trusted script-doctor in Hollywood, and why an act of joke theft led to a strong disagreement between the two of them.

Episode 143 - Henry Rollins

The forever-punk Henry Rollins crams into the garage to talk with Marc about his confrontational style, why forgiveness isn’t his thing, how an act of violence shaped his life, why he worked with Charles Manson, and what kind of relationship he has with his microphones. This episode is sponsored by - click here for the special Valentine’s Day WTF offer.


A superstar lineup joins Marc back at Comix in NYC. With Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Jon Glaser, Jessi Klein and Sam Seder.

Episode 142 - Joe Mande

Joe Mande has achieved lots of success in his young career and, surprisingly, that hasn’t stopped Marc from actually liking him. Joe and Marc talk about Twitter feuds, irritable bowel syndrome, and the finer practices of Jewish con artists. Plus, Joe explains the origins of his popular blog,, which has been turned into a book.