WTF Episodes

Episode 504 - Giovanni Ribisi

Actor Giovanni Ribisi takes a break from his press tour for “A Million Ways To Die In The West” to sit down with Marc and talk about child acting, The Method, Steven Spielberg, boot camp, Scientology, psychiatry and more. This episode is sponsored by A&E Network, Comedy Central, and LegalZoom.

Episode 503 - Rebecca Corry

According to Marc, comedian Rebecca Corry is funny and she has an attitude. That’s definitely not a bad thing, especially when she deals with material like failed relationships, estrangement from parents, fighting against animal abuse and her advocacy for a practice we cannot reprint here. This episode is sponsored by UnTuckIt, A&E Network and Squarespace.

Episode 502 - Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell and Soundgarden are heading out on tour for the 20th anniversary of their most successful album, Superunknown. Chris sits down in the garage to tell Marc about the creation, break up and reformation of the quintessential Seattle band and to talk about The Beatles, punk rock, the grunge scene, the word “alternative” and rock mythology. This episode is sponsored by A&E Network, Jack White’s new album Lazaretto, HostGator and

Episode 501 - Vince Vaughn

Marc and Vince Vaughn take the stage in front of a live audience in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of The Wild West Comedy Festival. They get into Vince’s upbringing, his show business career, sports, parenting, improv comedy, Jon Favreau, rejection, failure and the best Western movies. This episode is sponsored by the new film Obvious Child, Squarespace, Audible and UntuckIt


Episode 500

By any measurement, 500 episodes of WTF is worthy of celebration. And yet, for Marc, success has come at a price. On the occasion of this milestone episode, Marc talks with some very important people in his life and reckons with the damage inflicted by doing things his way. This episode is sponsored by the new movie Obvious Child, Earthquaker Devices, GoToMeeting, and One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles on Spike.

Episode 499 - Aasif Mandvi

Daily Show correspondent and actor Aasif Mandvi joins Marc in the garage to talk about growing up in England by way of India, working in Disney World, making it to Broadway, and learning the fine art of a successful Daily Show field piece from Stephen Colbert. Also, Todd Glass drops in for an update on his life since the last time he was on the show. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, Comedy Central, Freakonomics Radio and Audible

Episode 498 - RuPaul Charles

For RuPaul Charles, it all started with Monty Python. RuPaul joins Marc in the garage to talk about leaving an indelible mark on pop culture, both in and out of drag, and the influences that paved the way, from The B-52’s to David Bowie to Cher. This episode is sponsored by Slingbox, One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute To Don Rickles, and the WNYC app

Episode 497 - Shepard Fairey

Artist Shepard Fairey tells Marc how he went from being a renegade street artist to the designer of some of the most iconic images in American culture. Find out what gave rise to the ubiquitous OBEY stickers and the famous HOPE poster used for the Obama campaign. This episode is sponsored by One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles on Spike, GoToMeeting by Citrix, and the WNYC app with the new Discover feature. 

Episode 496 - Rhys Darby

Flight of the Conchords’ Rhys Darby drops by the garage to give Marc a crash course in New Zealand beyond the Lord of the Rings movies and the abundant shellfish. Rhys also talks about his stand-up career and the opportunities it has afforded him, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and having encounters with rare gorillas. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central, HostGator, and Warby Parker.

Episode 495 - Benmont Tench

Where would we all be without Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? It’s hard for Marc to imagine his life without them and it’s hard to imagine Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers without Benmont Tench. Marc talks to the Heartbreaker’s co-founder and keyboardist about the signature sound he helped develop, the friendship he started with Tom Petty when they were both little kids, and the music he’s made with countless other legendary artists. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central, ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries

Episode 494 - Jared Harris

Actor Jared Harris has developed a reputation as a true chameleon in film and television. Jared talks with Marc about emerging from the long shadow of his legendary father, Richard Harris, with wildly different performances in such varied projects as Mad Men, Lincoln, Happiness and his new film The Quiet Ones.  This episode is sponsored by HostGator, ProFlowers and


Episode 493 - Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus was the frontman of what Marc believes is one of the best rock bands ever. The two of them talk about the formation of Pavement and why Stephen’s music withstands the test of time. They also get into modern art, Keith Richards, fatherhood and Edgar Allan Poe. Lots of Poe for some reason. This episode is sponsored by Qello Concerts, ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries

Episode 492 - Judy Greer

Judy Greer is beloved for her performances on Arrested Development, Archer and dozens of films and television shows. That’s why she titled her book “I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star.” Judy tells Marc how she developed her ubiquitous career and why she’s been able to maintain a positive outlook throughout all the ups and downs. This episode is sponsored by ProFlowers, Shari’s Berries and LegalZoom

Episode 491 - Wayne Kramer

As Marc sees it, Wayne Kramer is responsible for the music that set the stage for punk rock. Co-founder of the seminal rock group MC5, Wayne comes to the garage to talk with Marc about the ‘60s, jazz, Iggy Pop, the White Panther Party, prison, drugs  and a whole lot more. This episode is sponsored by HBO’s new late-night comedy series, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and by Lumosity

Episode 490 - Alan Bursky

Comedian Alan Bursky is like a dark Zelig passing through modern standup. As Marc finds out in their conversation, Alan played a pivotal role in birth of The Comedy Store and in the lives of several major comics. Plus, writer and classic showbiz expert Kliph Nesteroff stops by to talk about legendary producer George Schlatter. And Marc pays tribute to the comic duo Otto and George. This episode is sponsored by LegalZoom, and the WNYC App.