WTF Episodes

Episode 300

After 300 episodes, Marc has some questions about the future of WTF. Is the show still vital? Has podcasting peaked? Will success lead to Marc’s undoing? He’ll get some answers with help from The A.V. Club head writer Nathan Rabin, podcasting veteran Jesse Thorn, podcasting newcomer Pete Holmes and WTF superfan Andy Kindler. 

WTF FLASHBACK - Episode 200

Episode 300 is around the corner. But first, take a listen to WTF’s 200th episode, where Marc turned over the hosting duties to Mike Birbiglia. Mike’s guest on this landmark show was none other than Marc Maron. 

WTF FLASHBACK - Episode 100

No one was more surprised than Marc when WTF made it to 100 episodes. As we ramp up to Episode 300, take a listen to where WTF was at after its first full year. 


Revisit the very first episode of WTF. Hear a show born out of desperation. Marc admits to questionable behavior at Whole Foods and comedian Jeffrey Ross becomes the first ever guest on WTF. Get yourself familiar with WTF’s beginnings as we lead up to Episode 300. 

Episode 299 - Retta, Brent Weinbach, Ron Funches, Rory Scovel, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone

Rory Scovel sifts through his Deep South DNA, Ron Funches explains why his son should bite him, Brent Weinbach thinks Marc is a sexy cowboy, and Retta tells the boys which word is off limits. Plus, Jim Earl tries a soft sell approach with his new book and Eddie Pepitone experiments with beach poetry. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC and by Audible.

Episode 298 - John Oliver

John Oliver was one of the first guests ever on WTF, but he’s never sat down for a full one-on-one in The Garage. Marc and John brave an ungodly early hour of the day to talk about John’s relationship with his homeland, his path to The Daily Show and his childhood dream that will go unrealized. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC and by Adam and Eve.

Episode 297 - Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple takes a break from all of that music stuff to visit The Cat Ranch. She talks with Marc about the changes in her life and career over the past 15-plus years, the highs and lows and everything else. This episode is sponsored by Click on the radio mic and enter WTF to start a no-risk trial with a $110 bonus offer. 


Episode 296 - Sara Benincasa

At one point, comedian and author Sara Benincasa would not have been able to be a guest in Marc’s garage. Thankfully, today she is. Sara and Marc talk about her agoraphobia, how she got a handle on mental illness and how she’s still getting a handle on the intensity of writing and performing . This episode is sponsored by Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC and by Adam and Eve

Episode 295 - JB Smoove

JB Smoove tells Marc how a combination of perseverance, versatility and good fortune led to his breakout role as Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm. JB’s career is best understood through analogies involving fast food burgers, boomerangs, a Rubik’s cube and a trail of pennies. We’ll let him explain it. This episode is sponsored by Click the radio mic and enter WTF to start a no-risk trial with a $110 bonus offer.


Episode 294 - Tony Millionaire

Cartoonist Tony Millionaire stops by the garage, six-pack in hand, to explain the origins of Drinky Crow, Maakies and his other popular comics. He also talks with Marc about punchlines, swingers and having kids in his 50s. This episode is sponsored by the interactive book The World I Exposed by Dustin F. Griffin, exclusively for iPad, and by Adam and Eve.

Episode 293 - Joel McHale

Joel McHale’s goal in show business was to find success on a groundbreaking TV series. He tells Marc what it’s like to achieve that goal on a show like Community, what it’s really like working with Chevy Chase and how he became the guy on The Soup. Plus, Marc comes to a harsh realization about his own fashion choices. This episode is sponsored by Audible