WTF Episodes

Episode 232 - Henry Phillips

Comedian Henry Phillips can’t put down his guitar. He tells Marc about his songwriting process, his influences from Ben Folds to Black Sabbath, and his most enduring muse—a gang-banging heckler who haunts his thoughts. Plus, Marc joins in with some blues-riffing of his own. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central and Audible.

Patrice O’Neal Remembered

From the WTF Archives, Marc’s interview with the late Patrice O’Neal.

Episode 231 - Penn Jillette

Marc sits down with the very vocal half of Penn and Teller, Penn Jillette. They discuss the importance of filth, circus freaks, street juggling, good parenting, and the overlap between Penn’s atheism and libertarianism. Plus, Marc envisions going off the grid. This episode is sponsored by Click the radio mic and enter WTF for a special offer.

Episode 230 - Dr. Stephen Dansiger

Dr. Stephen Dansiger is better known to the WTF audience as Marc’s trusty psychotherapist friend Dr. Steve. But most listeners probably don’t know about his own painful journey from rock stardom, through drugs and alcohol, into mental hospitals, beyond disappointment, and ultimately to sobriety, getting his PhD and starting a family. This episode is sponsored in part by Comedy Central.

Episode 229 - Mary Lynn Rajskub

Marc knows Mary Lynn Rajskub from back in the Mr. Show days, but he’s only scratched the surface of knowing who she really is. Mary Lynn gets him up to speed on her life as a mom, her wildly popular stint on 24, and her infamous kiss with Rush Limbaugh. This show is sponsored by Comedy Central, My Damn Channel and Alternate Histories.

Episode 228 - Merrill Markoe

The extraordinary Merrill Markoe joins Marc to talk about crazy moms, crazier comedians and the connection the two groups share. Merrill also details the origins of Late Night with David Letterman, where she served as the head writer. Plus, Marc finds some culture and loses part of his identity. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve. Enter WTF at the checkout for a special offer. 

Episode 227 - Adam Scott

Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott and Marc deal with the profound issues facing humanity today. It turns out a lot of those issues are covered up by the compulsive use of nicotine supplements. Also, Adam discusses his fear of being fired from the movie Step Brothers and his surprise at being accepted into the comedy community. This episode is sponsored by - click on the radio mic and enter WTF for a special offer.

Episode 226 - Neil Hamburger, Molly Shannon, Harris Wittels, Andy Kindler, Jim & Eddie

Andy Kindler revisits his Dead Head past, Harris Wittels reveals his brief career as a nanny, Molly Shannon recounts a childhood story that is both touching and negligent, and Neil Hamburger regrets his long career of disappointments and missed opportunities. Plus, Jim Earl and Eddie Pepitone, as it should be. This episode is sponsored by, the best place for original comedy on the internet. 

Episode 225 - Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson and Marc had their first movie roles in the same film, Almost Famous. Now, they’re both actually famous and having a chat in the garage. They talk faith, failure, typecasting and philosophy, with a little reflection on The Office, as well. This episode is sponsored by Enter WTF when you click on the radio mic for a special offer.

Episode 224 - Chris Rock

Chris Rock talks with Marc about getting his start in comedy thanks to Eddie Murphy. He explains why he went from Saturday Night Live to In Living Color. And he reveals the one relationship in his life that had the biggest impact on helping him breaking through with his Bring The Pain stand-up special. It’s Chris Rock on WTF. Come on. This episode is sponsored by Adam & Eve and Audible.