WTF Episodes

Episode 170 - Andy Dick

Comedy’s “Crown Prince of Infamy” Andy Dick invades the garage, which is not too different that the place he’s living right now. He’ll tell Marc about his unique domicile, as well as the story of tracking down his birth parents and an uncomfortable time during the making of Newsradio. This episode is sponsored in part by Comedy Central.


This is the story Marc alluded to in the Greg Fleet interview. He’s told this story before, but this is the first time he’s telling it at the place of its tragic inception - in front of a live audience in Melbourne, Australia.

Episode 169 - Greg Fleet / Simon Munnery

Marc is still in Australia, so he’s catching up with some international comics and trying to figure out why Australian audiences seem to like him. First up, Greg Fleet talks about sabotaging his career at many junctures while remaining one of the best comics in Australia. Then Simon Munnery provides some perspective on his absurdist style of comedy. Also, Marc feels bad about one incident with an American audience member in Melbourne. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Click here and use the code WTF for a special Mother’s Day offer.

Episode 168 - Live at SXSW

WTF crashes the SXSW Interactive festival with a live show overflowing with guests. Shane Mauss, Ben Garant, Brett Gelman, Kurt Braunohler, Jena Friedman and Nick Yousseff grab the mics and chat with Marc. Plus, Doug Benson pops in for an impromptu scene study.

Episode 167 - Bobcat Goldthwait

After killing at a recent live WTF, Bobcat Goldthwait joins Marc for an extended talk at the Cat Ranch. They discuss Bobcat’s origins, his rise to fame, and how he eventually became a hostage to this character he created. Plus, Bobcat reveals stories about his time touring with Nirvana and discusses why he never indulged Sam Kinison in an alleged feud. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Click here and use the code WTF for a special offer on Easter flowers.


Episode 166 - Laura Kightlinger

Laura Kightlinger sits down with Marc in the garage, even though she hates going out and she’s fairly repulsed by Marc’s living conditions. Laura divulges secrets about her writing process (which involves a lot of Ebay activity), ponders the downside of heroin use (projectile vomiting = no fun) and praises the benefits of alcohol (Arby’s plays a heavy role).  Plus, Marc and Laura put in a call to an old friend.

Episode 165 - Ed Helms

Fresh from the set of The Office, Ed Helms joins Marc in the garage to wind down after a day of shooting with a banjo/guitar jam session. They’ll also talk about Ed being embarrassed about his mother seeing The Hangover, his teenage awkwardness with the opposite sex, and something he did in the movie Cedar Rapids that he still can’t believe. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Click here and use the code WTF for a special offer on Easter flowers.

Episode 164 - Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Eric Drysdale, Chuck Klosterman, Sarah Vowell

A live WTF for the ages. Sarah Vowell waxes poetic on the history of Hawaii. Chuck Klosterman gives his take on recent shifts in pop culture. Eric Drysdale goes retro with his homemade 3-D viewmaster. Fred Armisen reveals which SNL character he based partially on Marc. And Bill Hader recounts a wild limo ride with Danny McBride. Taped at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, 3/10/11.


Episode 163 - Conan O’Brien

Conan. That’s really all you need to know. The late night legend makes good on his promise to sit down in Marc’s garage for a chat. They discuss Conan’s personal insecurities, the people who leave him starstruck, how he’s still processing what happened to him at NBC and how the recent events in his professional life helped him relax. This episode is sponsored by Merge Records. Go to and use the code ‘WTF’ at the checkout for 20% off all music and merchandise.