WTF Episodes

Episode 136 - The Lost WTFs

To close out 2010, WTF presents some great segments that never made it into the podcast until now. Dan St. Germain regales a live WTF audience with an embarassing cocaine story. Toby Huss describes what it’s like working with Werner Herzog. Eddie Pepitone has a heart to heart with Marc in the garage. Dr. Steve analyzes the mind of a bully. And Jim Gaffigan is Jim Gaffigan.

Episode 135 - Carlos Alazraqui

Marc might not forgive most other comics for beating him in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, but he’s forgiven Carlos Alazraqui, probably because Carlos is such an interesting guy. He talks with Marc about his history as a voice actor, how the Taco Bell chihuahua bought him a house and how he deals with his rage issues. Plus, Marc’s house doubles as a metaphor for his life.

Episode 134 - Erin Foley, Jon Daly, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone & Dr. Steve

As the year comes to an end, WTF brings the house down with another live show at the UCB Theare in Los Angeles. Erin Foley comes clean about coming out, Jon Daly introduces us to Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Jim Earl shares his Cafe Diaries, and Eddie Pepitone has the last word, but not before Dr. Steve tries to help him solve some issues.

Episode 133 - Jackie Kashian

What’s a nice Midwestern gal like Jackie Kashian to do when sitting across from Marc Maron in his garage? Why, open up a vein, of course. She’ll share her stories of parental tragedy, chronic back pain and life lessons from Bill Cosby. Plus, Marc has a problem with his cat Boomer, which might have a larger meaning in his life.

Episode 132 - Blaine Capatch

Nearly 20 years ago, Marc and Blaine Capatch arrived in San Francisco, ready to jumpstart that city’s hibernating comedy scene. A lot has happened to Blaine since then, including a friendship with Bill Hicks, a writing gig on the Price is Right, and burlesque Mexican wrestling shows. Hear Marc and Blaine catch up and take a long, hard look at their place in the world of comedy.

Episode 131 - Doug Benson

Doug Benson has been on live episodes of WTF and Marc has known him for about 20 years. But - surprise! - Marc never really sat down to have an extended conversation with the host of Doug Loves Movies. He finds out what Doug is all about beyond Super High Me and The Marijuana-Logues. And he promises not to repeat The Blender Story. Seriously, he won’t repeat it.

Episode 130 - Mike DeStefano

You met Mike DeStefano briefly in the last episode. Now you get the total Mike experience as Marc sits down with him to discuss the extraordinary circumstances that led to Mike becoming a comic. Plus, it’s been a while since Marc has called his dad. It might be a good time for it considering Marc forgot his dad’s birthday.


Episode 129 - Janeane Garofalo / Mike DeStefano live

Janeane Garofalo returns to the show for a heart-to-heart with Marc about their shared beliefs and why those beliefs tend to get them into trouble. Also, a sample of Mike DeStefano from a recent Live WTF to help prepare you for full-on Mike coming up in Episode 130. Plus, Marc contemplates a new career strategy.

Episode 128 - Mike Schmidt

The 40 Year Old Boy Mike Schmidt is a fellow podcaster as well as a fellow can’t-get-out-of-his-own-way-er. He talks with Marc about self-sabotage, quitting stand-up, dealing with rage, dealing with obesity, and dealing with dreams that may not come true. Also, Marc celebrates a breakthrough in modern psychology.