WTF Episodes

Episode 110 - David Cross, Michael Showalter, Maeve Higgins, Glenn Wool, Karen Kilgariff

Back at Comix in New York City for another live WTF, Marc tries to cheer up Michael Showalter, gets some world travel advice from Maeve Higgins, narrows down the races with Glenn Wool, compares 27-year-old girlfriends with David Cross, and gets musical with Karen Kilgariff.

Episode 109 - Bob Saget

When you think of Bob Saget, you generally don’t think of white-hot blind rage, but Bob says he’s working really hard on his anger issues. He and Marc will compare anger management notes in addition to discussing the roles Bob is most known for and why they’re so different from the Bob that nobody really knows.

Episode 108 - Jesse Thorn

When Marc was getting WTF off the ground, he turned to podcast maven Jesse Thorn for help. A year later, Jesse joins Marc in the garage to talk about the struggle to get Jesse’s show The Sound of Young America on public radio stations, the definition of nerd culture, and the anatomy of wasps.

Episode 107 - Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, El Chupacabra, Donald Glover, Eddie Pepitone

WTF hits the Pacific Northwest with a live show at Bumbershoot, the annual music and arts festival in Seattle. It’s an all-star lineup, with Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, Donald Glover from NBC’s Community, Eddie Pepitone, and a special appearance by WTF favorite El Chupacabra.

Episode 106 - Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings has killed at the Comedy Central Roasts. Now she’ll have to survive Marc’s garage. Marc will try to find out what’s behind Whitney’s relentless joke-telling persona and Whitney will try to find out what the alternative comedy crowd really thinks about her. Plus, Marc finds the worlds dumbest movie theater.

Episode 105 - Thomas Lennon

In a quest to have every former member of The State on WTF, Marc welcomes Thomas Lennon to the garage. They discuss Tom’s troublemaking days at the MTV offices, his blueprint for writing Hollywood studio films, and why he gets groped in public when he dresses up as his Lt. Dangle character from Reno 911!

Episode 104 - Judd Apatow part 2

Continuing his conversation with writer/producer/director Judd Apatow, Marc finds out how hands-on Judd is as a producer, whether Judd is happy with the way his movie Funny People turned out, what are his favorite comedies, and whether or not showbusiness brings him joy.