WTF Episodes

Episode 68 - Steven Pearl

Marc’s talking with a San Francisco comic from the ‘80s who pioneered a stream-of-consciousness style of stand-up, survived a nasty drug habit, and emerged with his life in perspective. No, not Robin Williams. It’s Steven Pearl, who is, in fact, one-of-a-kind.


Marc welcomes John Mulaney, Janeane Garofalo, Morgan Murphy, Todd Barry, Greg Giraldo and Tom Shillue. Taped 4/29/10 at Comix comedy club in New York City.

Episode 67 - Robin Williams

WTF Robin Williams

Yeah, Marc’s sitting down with Robin Williams for an hour. No big deal. So what do you talk about with an international comedy superstar? How about alcoholism, cocaine, divorce, joke stealing, heart surgery, fame, Richard Pryor, jealousy, and Twitter? Yeah. That should do it.


Episode 66 - Brendon Burns

Marc doesn’t meet a lot of kindred spirits, so it’s not surprising that this one had to come from halfway around the globe. Comedian Brendon Burns is so much like Marc you’ll be glad he has an Australian accent so you can tell them apart. Plus, Marc recounts a treacherous trip to Ikea that ended with a W, but not a T or an F.

Episode 65 - Scott Aukerman

What is Alternative Comedy? Some people credit Marc with creating it, but he’s not even sure what it means. He’ll get to the bottom of it with Comedy Death Ray’s Scott Aukerman. Scott also tries to convince Marc to tap into his inner American Idol. Plus, Marc examines mental altruism.

Episode 64 - Road Trip with Eddie Pepitone

Get in the car with Marc and Eddie as they travel to Arizona, binge on ice cream, and play ping-pong with 11-year-olds. It’s like a Hope and Crosby movie but with hostility and late-night crying jags. Plus, Marc stages an intervention with his brother, who Marc believes has a troubling addiction to parenting.

Episode 63 - Jim Short / Greg Proops

Marc resurrects some Bay Area memories with two San Francisco-based comics, Jim Short and Greg Proops. Learn how Jim helped Marc at his weakest moment and find out why Greg has problem with Anderson Cooper. Plus, Marc hopes for a personal resurrection during Greek Easter.

Episode 62 - Myq Kaplan / Jerry & Cathy McDowell

Marc chooses his words carefully with comedian Myq Kaplan, which is a good thing since Myq (pronounced Mike) has a master’s degree in linguistics. Plus, Marc gets some marital advice from husband and wife writers-slash-psychologists, Jerry and Cathy McDowell.


Episode 61 - Dave Hill

Marc tries to edge in on public radio’s territory by poaching one of This American Life’s contributors, comedian Dave Hill. They’ll discuss Dave’s time in Japan, the morality behind Happy Endings, and Dave’s experience doing comedy in prison. Just a guess, but this might not be appropriate for NPR.

Episode 60 - Bob Odenkirk

Feast on this, Comedy Nerds: Marc sits down with writer-director-actor Bob Odenkirk. You want some Mr. Show talk? You got it. How about some thoughts on Tim & Eric? Got that, too. You want to hear what Bob considers to be his biggest failures? Oh yeah, got it. Plus, Marc reveals the shameful source of a recent residual check.