WTF Episodes

Episode 34 - Dana DeArmond / Dr. Steve

Adult film star Dana DeArmond joins Marc in the garage to talk about the reality of the biz and to offer tips on what you should and shouldn’t do if you ever meet a porn star in public. Plus, Marc talks to his therapist, Dr. Steve, to find out if he has a porn addiction.

Episode 33 - Sarah Silverman / Paul F. Tompkins / Jerry Minor

Back at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, Marc brings out the big guns for a special holiday show. Sarah Silverman will serenade you, Paul F. Tompkins will laugh at you, and Jerry Minor will make you question your faith. Plus, Eddie Pepitone lays his vengeance upon thee and Jim Earl recites a special Christmas poem. Taped 12/18/09.

Episode 32 - Todd Glass / Kevin LeValley

What’s a man who doesn’t even own a computer doing on a podcast? Comedian Todd Glass and Marc delve into their mutual technophobia. They also try to figure out what they would spend $5 million on. Plus, motivation speaker Kevin LeValley tells Marc about his new campaign called Lighten Up America.

Episode 31 - Steve Rannazzisi / Listener Email

Steve Rannazzisi - you may not be able to say his last name, but you’ll definitely be able to laugh at his stories about being on FX’s The League, having a Roman Catholic priest for a brother, and how he got started in show business at the age of 13. Plus, Marc dips back into the listener e-mailbag.

Episode 30 - Kyle Kinane

Marc made a new friend in Atlanta: comedian Kyle Kinane. They’ll both try to make sense of the random scribblings in their joke notebooks and Kyle will detail the spiritual moment he had in The Worst Bathroom in Chicago. Plus, Marc reunites with someone he hasn’t seen since third grade.

Episode 29 - Andy Kindler

Comedian Andy Kindler and Marc do some soul searching and male bonding as they discuss their careers, Jay Leno, selling-out and tweeting. Plus, Marc reviews the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert, which unearths some difficult revelations.

Episode 28 - Eddie Brill / Toby Maron

Eddie Brill puts his talents as the booker of The Late Show with David Letterman on display when Marc asks him to critique his set. Not to be outdone, Marc tries his hand at critiquing Eddie’s act. Plus, more fun from Florida as Marc asks his mom about her eating habits. Also, Marc takes a listener to task for betraying the Brotherhood.


Episode 27 - Jon Benjamin / Come On Now

Marc sits down with the man of many voice-overs, Jon Benjamin, to find out about telephone pranks gone wrong and what it was like to have Sam Seder as a bully. Plus, a trip back in time with one of the classic road comics of the 1980s, stand-up legend Come On Now.