WTF Episodes

Episode 128 - Mike Schmidt

The 40 Year Old Boy Mike Schmidt is a fellow podcaster as well as a fellow can’t-get-out-of-his-own-way-er. He talks with Marc about self-sabotage, quitting stand-up, dealing with rage, dealing with obesity, and dealing with dreams that may not come true. Also, Marc celebrates a breakthrough in modern psychology.

Episode 127 - Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari takes a break from being one of the hottest stars in comedy to drop in at the cat ranch. Potential problem: He’s allergic to cats. He’ll talk with Marc about growing up in the Deep South (with a deep Southern accent) and the pressures of measuring up to his comedy idols. Plus, Marc returns from a trip to his mom’s house. What baggage came back with him?

Episode 126 - A.D. Miles / Bobby Tisdale

Find out what life is like as the head writer of a late night comedy show from A.D. Miles, the guy in charge of the writers’ room at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Marc also talks with A.D.‘s old partner and current Jimmy Fallon writer Bobby Tisdale. Plus, a Thanksgiving blessing from the founder of this WTF feast.

Episode 125 - Charles Fleischer, Brendon Burns, Andrew Daly, Jim Earl

Get ready for a whole lot of weirdness. Bizarro comedy legend Charles Fleischer (he of Roger Rabbit fame) stops by for one of the strangest appearances ever on WTF. Plus, Australian warmth from Brendon Burns, hilarious passive aggression from Andrew Daly, and remembrances for the dearly departed from Jim Earl round out this live show at UCB LA.

Episode 124 - Paul Scheer

‘The League’ star Paul Scheer has some great stories about his early career as a touring improv comic and his days forming Human Giant with Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel, but none of that will prepare you for the dark and stormy details of his upbringing. Brace yourself. Plus, Marc becomes an Airline Customer Service Vigilante.

Episode 123 - The Creation Museum

Marc and fellow comics Ryan Singer and Geoff Tate jump in the car and head to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Marc struggles with his suceptibility to grand spectacles as he walks through a giant model of Noah’s Ark. Geoff confronts the uncomfortable memories of his Pentacostal upbringing. And Ryan laughs at both of them.

Episode 122 - Jessi Klein

In the midst of pitching her own projects out in LA, comedian Jessi Klein takes a break to head over to Marc’s garage and talk about what it was like on the other end of those pitches when she was a Comedy Central executive. She’ll also detail her time as a writer for SNL and recall the first time she had to crush someone’s dream. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve. Visit and use offer code WTF to receive 50% off almost any product.

Episode 121 - Ken Jeong

Move over Almost Dr. Steve and Marc’s Dad. There’s a new doctor on WTF. Ken Jeong from NBC’s Community talks about his double-life as an actor and a practicing physician. He also reveals why he made the decision to appear fully naked in The Hangover and how it helped him through one of the most difficult times in his life.

Episode 120 - Live in Austin

Marc and six Texas comics bring a special live WTF to Austin. Matt Bearden wants some recognition. Martha Kelly gives cat advice. Lucas Molandes deals with the bitterness of sobriety. Eric Krug has some uncle problems. Bryson Turner thinks he’s living a lie. And Bryan Gutman investigates a Creationism museum. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve. Visit and use offer code WTF to receive 50% off almost any product.

Episode 119 - Adam McKay

“You stay classy, Marc Maron.” Writer/director/producer Adam McKay talks about his partnership with Will Ferrell, the sneaky success of Anchorman, and the ways comedy can change hearts and minds. Plus, Marc comes to terms with a major change in his life while he tries to get a grasp on the most bizarre guest request he’s ever received.

Episode 118 - Maz Jobrani

Maz Jobrani’s popularity stretches from the Midwest to the Middle East. The Iranian-American comic tells Marc about crazy gigs in Beruit, booking secret shows in Saudi Arabia, and telling jokes in Farsi. Plus, Marc reveals which television show repulses him and yet he cannot look away. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve. Visit and use offer code WTF to receive 50% off almost any product.

Episode 117 - Ira Glass

Ira Glass hosts the world’s most popular podcast and one of the best radio shows in history. Marc talks with the host of This American Life about his insecurities as a radio personality, his philosophy of storytelling, and his impressions of Marc as a broadcaster. Plus, Ira decontstructs Marc’s pitch for a This American Life story.

Episode 116 - Sarah Silverman

The Bedwetter herself, Sarah Silverman, talks to Marc about the funny men in her past, the opportunities for her future, and the present state of her relationship with her parents. Plus, Marc wonders what he’s doing in Dallas, Texas.

Episode 115 - Jamie Kilstein, Chris Porter, Dean Edwards, Tig Notaro and Eddie Pepitone

Marc brings WTF to the Global ComedyFest in Vancouver, British Columbia. Jamie Kilstein reveals the life lessons he’s learned from Marc, Chris Porter wrestles with his Deep South roots, Dean Edwards becomes Eddie Murphy, Tig Notaro becomes Dean Edwards, and Eddie Pepitone closes as only Eddie can. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve. Visit and use offer code WTF to receive 50% off almost any product.

Episode 114 - Jonathan Ames

Marc visits with author Jonathan Ames, creator of HBO’s “Bored to Death,” to talk about fictionalizing one’s life for television, becoming an amateur boxer, and working with someone known as Mangina. Plus, Marc shares his reaction to the rescue of the Chilean miners.