WTF Episodes

Episode 85 - Dane Cook / The Nicotine Diaries

How can you sell out 20,000-seat arenas, star in several Hollywood films, record the biggest selling comedy album in 30 years, and still be called “polarizing?” Dane Cook stops by the garage to talk about being Dane Cook and whether that might be more complicated than it seems. Meanwhile, Marc tries to kick his nicotine addiction. This may not end well.

Episode 84 - Marga Gomez / The Saga of the Jeans

Marc catches up with Marga Gomez, a comic he knew in San Francisco some 15 years ago. They’ll talk about what it was like to be part of the emerging Bay Area performance scene that launched careers and helped to define a cultural movement. Plus, Marc embarks on an adventure with his pants that will take him into uncharted waters… literally.

Episode 83 - Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies (or Jeffries if you’re not American) has found success in the UK and the US, but perhaps his greatest success was found in an Australian brothel. He’ll tell Marc that story and he’ll recall the time he got punched in the head repeatedly by an audience member. Also, Marc writes an opera.

Episode 82 - The Sklar Brothers

Marc doubles his pleasure with Randy and Jason, The Sklar Brothers. They’ll try their best to turn Marc into a sports fan and he’ll try his best to tell them apart. Plus, Marc examines the connection between three recent news stories that have rattled his non-faith.

Episode 81 - Tig Notaro

Back from Ireland, Marc sits down with comic Tig Notaro . He’ll see if he can overcome his feelings of intimidation around her long enough to talk about her family in the Gulf, working with Sarah Silverman, and why she hates people who take pity on female comics. Plus, Marc has more trouble on planes.


Live broadcast from the Rooftop Comedy Festival in Aspen, Colorado, featuring Ryan Singer, Chris Fairbanks, Hannibal Burress, Shane Mauss, and Michael Ian Black. Taped 6/12/10.

Episode 80 - Ireland

Marc battles the demons of comedy while performing in Kilkenny Ireland. Amidst his struggle, he’ll meet up with an international array of comedians - Australia’s Tom Gleeson, Ireland’s Maeve Higgins, England’s Alun Cochrane, America’s Dom Irrera, and comic Des Bishop, a US expat living in Ireland.

Episode 79 - Ben Stiller

WTF Ben Stiller

He may be one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but Ben Stiller is not above sitting in the garage at the Cat Ranch for a chat with Marc about show biz, parents, rivalries, Apatow, anxieties and, of course, Heat Vision & Jack.

Episode 78 - Dylan Brody

While in Toronto, Marc reflects on the last time he was there, when the city simultaneously ruined and saved his life. Then, a conversation about vision quests and life’s other quirks with comic Dylan Brody. Plus, don’t miss the news about a brand new way to experience even more WTF.

Episode 77 - Moshe Kasher / Laura Kightlinger / Brendon Walsh / Jim / Eddie

Marc’s search for three comics who are as messed up as he is may have ended with Moshe Kasher, Laura Kightlinger and Brendon Walsh. Throw in Jim Earl and Eddie Pepitone for fun and you have the makings of a classic live WTF. Taped 5/21/10 at UCB LA.

Episode 76 - Willie Barcena / Steve Trevino / Carlos responds

Marc gets some more details about the accusations against Carlos Mencia. He speaks with comics who have worked very closely with Carlos, Willie Barcena and Steve Trevino, and then gets Carlos to sit back down for a follow up discussion. Questions will get answered. Opinions will get shaped. Comedians will get serious.


Episode 75 - Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia is a major name in comedy. He’s also one of the most reviled characters in the business among other comics. So, naturally, Marc wants to find out what makes him tick, what it feels like to be so controversial, and what he says in his own defense. This may take a while.


Episode 74 - Tracy McMillan / Dr. Barry Maron

Sometimes Marc needs to work up the nerve to talk to his dad. So first he’s talking with Tracy McMillan, television writer and author of the new memoir “I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway.” Her stories of growing up with a pimp for a dad will make it a little easier for Marc to get on the phone with his old man.

Episode 73 - Jim Norton

If only we could make the advisory that says EXPLICIT say SUPER-DUPER SOFA KING EXPLICIT next to this episode. Comedian and Opie & Anthony regular Jim Norton talks about… well, we’ll let him tell you. And we’ll let Marc tell you about two sordid nights from his past that he never thought he’d speak about in public.

Episode 72 - Maria Bamford

Marc’s on the road with the very funny Maria Bamford. Can they solve the world’s problems during an hour-long car ride from Lake Arrowhead? Maybe not, but they’ll definitely talk a lot about comedy and maybe even help each other through some relationship issues.