WTF Episodes

Episode 47 - Margaret Cho

Marc admits to being intimidated by Margaret Cho and then asks her to sit and talk with him for 50 minutes. Shouldn’t be too awkward. Hear Margaret tell the story of the first time she heard about Marc and why she was led to believe he was a sex criminal. Also, Marc pitches a new cartoon that should give Pixar a run for its money.


Episode 46 - W. Kamau Bell & Dwayne Kennedy / Dr. Steve

Comedians W. Kamau Bell and Dwayne Kennedy stop by to talk about the race thing. That should take one or two minutes. Also, Almost Dr. Steve gives Marc some more couch time in an attempt to help Marc solve his intimacy problems.


Episode 45 - Matt Walsh / “Frog”

Matt Walsh, one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, gives Marc a lesson in improv. Also, Marc details his one and only meeting with Lorne Michaels. Plus, a serious WTF moment in trying to protect one’s own identity. And a licensed medical marijuana dispenser explains the rules of the game.

Episode 44 - John Caparulo

Marc finds out that he has a lot more in common with blue-collar comedian John Caparulo than he expected. They talk classic cars, performance anxiety, and pooped pants. Plus, Marc tries to figure out why he’s been feeling so happy lately. And also, a cautionary tale of internet aggression.

Episode 43 - Antonia Crane / Michael Garvey

How is the stand-up comedy circuit similar to the sex industry? Marc gets the answer from writer/stripper/badass Antonia Crane. Also, charity worker Michael Garvey outlines a unique way to assist homebound people. Plus, Marc frets his haircut.


Episode 42 - Seattle Road Trip

Seattle. It’s a perfect place for Marc. There’s rain, lots of coffee, and underground comic books. Marc stops by Fantagraphics Books and talks with award-winning artist Peter Bagge about the comics that changed Marc’s life. To cap things off, Marc visits an old girlfriend. In a welding factory.

Episode 41 - Jimmy Pardo / Jeff Garlin / Kate Micucci

Another month, another live show from the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. Joining Marc are podcast titan Jimmy Pardo (fresh off the final episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien), Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin and, on the ukulele, the phenomenally talented Kate Micucci. Plus, the calming presence of Eddie Pepitone. Taped 1/22/10.

Episode 40 - Dave Attell

Most people know Dave Attell as a creature of the night, but here he has a poolside chat with Marc in broad daylight. What will all the sunshine do to their particularly non-sunny dispositions? Plus, another installment of No ThIs Crap About Jew Stuff.

Episode 39 - Chelsea Peretti

Eavesdrop on the first real meeting between Marc and comedian Chelsea Peretti. They’ll be co-hosting a pilot for Comedy Central later in the month and this is the first time they get to spend any actual time together. Plus, Marc has a confession about some inappropriate behavior in his car.

Episode 38 - Matt Braunger / Kyle Kinane

Portland-born, Chicago-bred comic Matt Braunger talks about his improv roots, broken hearts, and what the hell Braunger could possibly mean in German. Plus, Marc finally breaks down and sees Avatar. We’ll get his in-the-moment reaction when he reviews the film in the movie theater parking lot along with Kyle Kinane.

Episode 37 - Bill Burr

Comedian Bill Burr and Marc discuss the finer points of street fighting, dentistry, capitalism, and dog-induced crotch injuries. Get yourself settled. This may take a while. Also, it’s the debut of the new WTF Theme Music.

Episode 36 - Howard Kremer / Darryl Loomis

Howard Kremer made it this time and he brought along his hip-hop alter ego, Dragon Boy Suede. He drops some knowledge and spin some tunes direct from the garage. Also, Marc meets Darryl Loomis, a teen counselor who has an innovative youth drug prevention program.

Episode 35 - Dave Pullano / Howard Kremer… maybe?

Dave Pullano was trying to break into show business when he started working as the receptionist for Miramax Films. That job wound up giving him his start as a Hollywood writer but, as he tells Marc, it took a big lie to get his big break. Also on the show, comedian Howard Kremer, although we hear he’s been having trouble showing up on time.


Episode 34 - Dana DeArmond / Dr. Steve

Adult film star Dana DeArmond joins Marc in the garage to talk about the reality of the biz and to offer tips on what you should and shouldn’t do if you ever meet a porn star in public. Plus, Marc talks to his therapist, Dr. Steve, to find out if he has a porn addiction.

Episode 33 - Sarah Silverman / Paul F. Tompkins / Jerry Minor

Back at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, Marc brings out the big guns for a special holiday show. Sarah Silverman will serenade you, Paul F. Tompkins will laugh at you, and Jerry Minor will make you question your faith. Plus, Eddie Pepitone lays his vengeance upon thee and Jim Earl recites a special Christmas poem. Taped 12/18/09.