WTF Episodes

Episode 58 - El Chupacabra / Bob Fingerman

By popular demand, Marc welcomes El Chupacabra back to WTF. Plus, artist and writer Bob Fingerman takes a unique look at the end of the world (forward by Marc Maron). And Marc searches for the soul of America as he wanders around Washington, DC.


Episode 57 - Jon Dore / Greg Fitzsimmons / Jim / Eddie

The fireworks fly at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles. The calming Canadian presence of comedian Jon Dore has little effect on explosiveness on display when Marc and guest Greg Fitzsimmons go at each other. The only thing to mitigate it is a bout of dark insanity from Jim Earl and a dose of righteous anger from Eddie Pepitone. Taped 3/19/10.

Episode 56 - Scotland / Dov Davidoff

Marc’s last trip to Scotland was supposed to be his last. Now he returns for another helping of endless pork products and generous Glaswegians. Also, a sit-down with comic Dov Davidoff who talks about his junkyard upbringing, his foray into the swinger lifestyle, and his sympathies with Vincent van Gogh.

Episode 55 - Rob Delaney / Dr. Steve

Marc wants to help you kick your addictions (unless your addiction is this podcast). Comic Rob Delaney shares his own bottoming-out story and encourages you to laugh at his pain. Then Marc gets some couch-time (actually, garage-time) with Almost Dr. Steve to help deal with “the bug.”

Episode 54 - Vegas / Ron Shock

Expect a little bit of fear and a whole lot of loathing when Marc spends the weekend in Las Vegas. He’ll talk with mythic comic and Vegas resident Ron Shock about the long and winding road to Sin City and the last days of Bill Hicks. Plus, he’ll visit an unlikely showbiz mecca in a search for some entertainment inspiration.

Episode 53 - All-Star Super Show

The biggest names in comedy are helping Marc with this special show. It’s the largest roster of all-star guests we’ve had so far, and we’re not going to spoil any of the surprises here. Okay, we’ll let you know that Eugene Mirman will be dropping by, but we’re keeping the rest under wraps. Enjoy this murderer’s row of comedic minds.

Episode 52 - James Wolcott / Sam Lipsyte / Oscars

Stuck in a deep cultural malaise, Marc turns to some intellectual heavyweights to break him out of it. Vanity Fair columnist James Wolcott tries to help Marc figure out if he’s getting dumber. Plus, Marc talks with his friend Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask, about the nature of genius. And after all of that, we’ll ruin everything by talking about the Oscars.

Episode 51 - Glenn Wool / Sam Seder

Glenn Wool. Is he Canadian? Is he British? Still not sure, but he’s funny. Glenn and Marc sit down to talk about comedy in the Great White North, in Jolly Old England, and everywhere in between. Plus, Marc gets an unexpected visit from Sam Seder, who has a bone to pick with a past guest of WTF.

Episode 50 - Laurie Kilmartin / Jackie Kashian / Mort / Eddie

Live from UCB Los Angeles, it’s Ladies Night. Marc welcomes Laurie Kilmartin and Jackie Kashian to the WTF live stage. They talk cheating, old-age sex, and comedy killers. Plus, remembering the dearly departed with Mort Mortenson. And bringing it all home with Eddie Pepitone. Taped 2/19/10.

Episode 49 - Kumail Nanjiani

Marc gets the comic’s take on the immigrant experience from Kumail Nanjiani. He’ll talk about what it’s like to do comedy that can get you killed, whose comedy he considers racist, and why his in-laws call him Borat. Plus, Marc asks for some help in overcoming his fear of traveling abroad.

Episode 48 - Brendon Small / Dr. Barry Maron

Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small rocks out in the cat garage. Also, Marc’s dad returns to dispense some more career advice. Plus, Marc tells the story of the time he bombed worse than ever before or after, and the consequences that resulted.

Episode 47 - Margaret Cho

Marc admits to being intimidated by Margaret Cho and then asks her to sit and talk with him for 50 minutes. Shouldn’t be too awkward. Hear Margaret tell the story of the first time she heard about Marc and why she was led to believe he was a sex criminal. Also, Marc pitches a new cartoon that should give Pixar a run for its money.


Episode 46 - W. Kamau Bell & Dwayne Kennedy / Dr. Steve

Comedians W. Kamau Bell and Dwayne Kennedy stop by to talk about the race thing. That should take one or two minutes. Also, Almost Dr. Steve gives Marc some more couch time in an attempt to help Marc solve his intimacy problems.


Episode 45 - Matt Walsh / “Frog”

Matt Walsh, one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, gives Marc a lesson in improv. Also, Marc details his one and only meeting with Lorne Michaels. Plus, a serious WTF moment in trying to protect one’s own identity. And a licensed medical marijuana dispenser explains the rules of the game.

Episode 44 - John Caparulo

Marc finds out that he has a lot more in common with blue-collar comedian John Caparulo than he expected. They talk classic cars, performance anxiety, and pooped pants. Plus, Marc tries to figure out why he’s been feeling so happy lately. And also, a cautionary tale of internet aggression.