WTF Episodes

Episode 23 - Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac from The Daily Show and Marc come up with a solution to the partisan bickering on cable news. It involves bloodletting. Plus, Dr. Maron is back for some more wellness tips and parenting advice. And Marc invents a phrase that he hopes you’ll be repeating over and over again.

Episode 22 - Doug Stanhope / Janeane Garofalo

Marc and Doug Stanhope sit down for their first-ever conversation to mull over the possibility of going off the grid. Plus, Janeane Garofalo drops by to join in the conversation, complete with a Rashomon-like retelling of a violent encounter Marc had with a club-goer in the mid-90s.


Episode 21 - New Mexico Road Trip Continued

It’s the exciting conclusion of Marc’s New Mexico Road Trip! Join him as he rekindles his friendship with Dean Hines, a member of Marc’s junior high school band who now possesses the secrets to the universe. Really. Also, Marc will re-live a traumatic moment from his teenage years.

Episode 20 - Zach Galifianakis

Marc crashes the trailer of Zach Galifianakis on the set of his new movie in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They talk about bigotry against the Greeks, being embarrassed in front of Robert Downey, Jr. and why Sean Penn likes jokes about obese women. Plus, Marc hits the roads of his home state on a quest to make some sense of his past.

Episode 19 - Jack Boulware / Brett Netson

Our special music episode! Marc talks with journalist Jack Boulware, whose new book “Gimme Something Better” details the history of the Bay Area punk scene. And guitarist Brett Netson from the indie rock institution Built to Spill stops by the garage to talk about life on the road. Plus, Marc takes inventory of the music that defines him.

Episode 18 - Al Madrigal / Mort Mortenson

Comedian Al Madrigal has some great road stories about working with Mitch Hedberg. But probably more importantly, he reveals the secret of the best grocery store in Los Angeles. Also, Mort Mortenson is back to memorialize the departed with the Weekly Remembrance. Plus, Marc works through his fear of being The Old Dad.

Episode 17 - Listener Email / Greg Fitzsimmons

WTF? You’re WTF! It’s our special Email Episode where Marc delves into all your thoughts, criticisms, and WTF moments. Thanks for creating our content for the week! Also, the Marc end of the Greg Fitzsimmons simul-podcast! It’s 17 - not legal yet, but almost there.

Episode 16 - Eugene Mirman / Dr. Maron / Matthew

Eugene Mirman and Marc Maron + Hitler, high school, Fargo, and lots of Jews = a damn funny podcast. Plus, Marc calls his dad with some distressing news about Dr. Maron’s fast-food restaurant plan. And, the Return of Matthew. If it’s 16, then it’s gonna be sweet.

Episode 15 - Live Taping at UCB Los Angeles

Live taping from the UCB Theater in Los Angeles (10/16/09). Featuring podcast/public radio wunderkind Jesse Thorn; comedians Dave Anthony, Greg Behrendt, and Craig Anton; long-form improv with Jim Earl; and a moment of uplift with Eddie Pepitone. You can’t handle 15.

Episode 14 - Steve Agee / Troy Conrad

Marc welcomes fellow hypochondriac Steve Agee to discuss illnesses, real and imaginary. Also, Steve has some great stories from the set of The Sarah Silverman Program. Plus, Marc engages in a battle of reason with the leader of, Troy Conrad. It’s a baker’s dozen, plus one. 


Episode 13 - Jerry Stahl / Mort Mortenson

Marc tramps through his drug-addled past with Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight and lots of TV shows that you wouldn’t believe he wrote for. Plus, the WTF Weekly Remembrance with Mort Mortenson. And Marc tells demoralizing stories about his encounters with both Sam Kinison and Rachel Maddow. It’s unlucky 13 and we’re breaking the curse.

Episode 12 - Nick Kroll

Direct from the garage at the Maron Cat Ranch in Los Angeles County! Marc sifts through the detritus of his life in his new work environment. Plus, he’ll decide whether he resents or admires comedian Nick Kroll with help from comedian Nick Kroll. All that and a tension filled story of a defecating cat and an airplane. It’s Episode 12 and we’re officially coast-to-coast!

Episode 11 - Todd Barry / Matthew / Greg Fitzsimmons

Ouch. Buddy. Todd Barry makes Marc cry tears of laughter with his stories of doing stand-up in Scotland, playing the Number 7 in Sesame Street, and getting cast in The Wrestler. Also, Marc waits on a call from comedian and fellow podcaster Greg Fitzsimmons. Plus, Marc and Matthew share their most intimate moment yet. Eleven is alive!

Episode 10 - Sam Lipsyte / Matthew / Eddie Pepitone

Fiction writer Sam Lipsyte is lucky that Marc is one of his best friends. Sam tells us about how the insanity that is Marc’s life often makes it into his novels. Plus, Marc reveals the two most important things he ever learned about from books - circus freaks and sexual intercourse. And Marc needs a little cheering up, so he calls the always-optimistic Eddie Pepitone. We made it to #10!

Episode 9 - Jim Gaffigan / Mad Men / Matthew

Many have come close, but comedian Jim Gaffigan did it: He finally pushed WTF over the one hour mark. It was hard not to, what with all the talk about chewing tobacco, joke writing, making movies and, of course, Hot Pockets. Also on the show, Marc talks TV with his buddies Kris and Brendan, the two biggest Mad Men fans he could find. And Matthew gets put in his place, or so Marc thinks. Come on and party like it’s Episode 9.