WTF Episodes

Episode 200 - Marc Maron (as told to Mike Birbiglia)

Guest host Mike Birbiglia finds out that 199 episodes have only scratched the surface of Marc Maron. Armed with questions from past WTF guests, Mike takes Marc on a trip through the inner recesses of his soul and arrives at a destination more than 200 hours in the making. This episode is sponsored by Mail Chimp.

Episode 199 - Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza deadpans her way into the garage at the Cat Ranch. The “Parks and Recreation” star talks about surviving a stroke, stalking Fred Armisen, hiding from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, and living in Astoria, Queens. Plus, Marc comes to terms with getting older while still liking new things. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central Records, presenting Marc’s new CD, THIS HAS TO BE FUNNY.

Episode 198 - San Antonio with Lucas Molandes

Take a road trip through San Antonio, Texas, with Marc and comedian Lucas Molandes. Discover the accordion-fueled joys of the Tejano Conjunto Festival. Hear the story of history’s most devastating plate of nachos. And bask in the schadenfreude when Marc and Lucas get kicked out of the Alamo.

Episode 197 - Andrew Dice Clay / Max Silverstein

He’s the only comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. Andrew Dice Clay talks with Marc about exploding onto the comedy scene in the late ‘80s and his recent career rebirth. Then Marc talks with Max Silverstein, a comedian in his own right, who also happens to be Andrew Dice Clay’s son. This episode is sponsed by the Futurama “Head-in-a-Jar Creator” APP from Comedy Central.

Marc’s Keynote Address at Just For Laughs

Marc delivers the keynote address at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, July 28, 2011.

Episode 196 - Wyatt Cenac, Horatio Sanz, Tom Scharpling, Sam Lipsyte, Kevin Allison

Kevin Allison talks about the things he’s not prepared to say in front of his mom, Sam Lipsyte reveals how Marc inspired one of the characters in his latest novel, Tom Scharpling has a hard time with the band Rush, Horatio Sanz remembers what it was like to be arrested, and Wyatt Cenac wonders what he needs to do to get Marc to resent him. It’s live WTF from Brooklyn! This episode is sponsored by NTSF:SD:SUV, the new series on Adult Swim.

Episode 195 - Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin and Marc have important things to talk about, mostly involving the hard knocks Demetri took from other comics when he started out and his recent ventures into film and TV. There’s also the matter of having a father who was a priest. Plus, Marc frets over his keynote speech at the Just For Laughs festival. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central.

Episode 194 - Rob Riggle

Lieutenant Colonel Rob Riggle is the first Marine to visit Marc’s garage. The former SNL and Daily Show cast member talks about his transition from military service to comedy, why he was more scared of stand-up than of combat, and how he realized that he can never be a bully. This episode is sponsored by NTSF:SD:SUV, the new series on Adult Swim.

Episode 193 - Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis stops by the garage to break Marc’s chops, but he can take it as well as he can dish it out. He talks about his more than 40 years in comedy, the highs and lows that came with drug and alcohol addiction, and some remarkable encounters with Johnny Carson, Rodney Dangerfield and Bruce Springsteen. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central.

Episode 192 - Paul Reiser

Comedian-writer-actor Paul Reiser reflects on a career that led him to work with the likes Peter Falk, Woody Allen, Barry Levinson and James Cameron, among others. That came after a near-miss of a career as a music composer. He also explains why a long, successful existence in show business is no protection from network-induced failure. This episode is sponsored by Sundance Selects and the new film Tabloid.

Episode 191 - Will Arnett, Keith Robinson, Marina Franklin, Judy Gold, Jon Benjamin, Jonathan Katz

Live from The Bell House in Brooklyn, enjoy a fake-father-and-son reunion between Jonathan Katz and Jon Benjamin, experience Judy Gold’s parenting frustrations, feel the unresolved tension between Marina Franklin and Keith Robinson, and hear news about the Arrested Development movie from Will Arnett. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central.

Episode 190 - Todd Hanson

While in Brooklyn, Marc sat down with Todd Hanson, one of the original writers for The Onion, who is responsible for some of the smartest, funniest satire of the past two decades. But something went unspoken during that conversation, which prompted a second discussion several months later about a major event in Todd’s life. This episode is sponsored by IFC Films, presenting The Trip and Salvation Boulevard.

Episode 189 - Nick Thune

It’s not surprising for a WTF interview to start off with the guest receiving an apology for some past transgression, but even Marc seems taken aback by the amount of grief he had visited upon Nick Thune. After hatchets get buried, Nick and Marc talk deeply and thoroughly about Jesus. Yes, for real. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central.

Episode 188 - Christopher Titus

Marc has a doozy of an opening question for Chris Titus who proceeds to explain why his TV show was canceled while it was a hit, how he coped with mentally unstable parents, and why he would handle “the Faye Dunaway incident” differently today. Plus, Marc experiences a first from a Canadian heckler. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central.

Episode 187 - Larry Miller

Larry Miller is many things - actor, writer, podcaster, raconteur - but above all he calls himself a comic. He talks with Marc about being part of the comic brotherhood and the uncommon perspective he gained after a terrifying incident after a show in San Francisco. Plus, Marc makes a startling discovery on the road in Denver. This episode is sponsored in part by Comedy Central.