WTF Episodes

Episode 210 - Brendon Walsh

Brendon Walsh comes off as a mild-mannered son of a fireman from Philadelphia. But behind that humble backstory is a comic who loves to pull a good prank. He talks with Marc about some of the best ones he’s gotten over on people. Plus, Marc revisits an early WTF conversation with expert prankster Jon Benjamin. This episode is sponsored by Stitcher Radio. Click here to sign up and for a chance to win an iPad2.

Episode 209 - Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton

Just in time for the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton join Marc to talk about the one-in-a-million origin story of their show. Plus, Charlie recalls how the trajectory of his career was altered by Jason Biggs and Glenn wastes no time trampling over an important boundary in Marc’s house. This episode is sponsored by Stitcher Radio. Click here and use offer code WTF to enter to win an iPad 2.

Episode 208 - Live from Montreal

Victor Varnado talks albinistic comedy. Jeremy Hotz helps make sense of Canadian Jews. Nina Conti gets honest with a monkey. Mike Britt lets his jokes get in the way of his marriage. And Mike Ward explains just what is up with French people. Recorded at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. This episode is sponsored by - use the offer code “WTF” for a special offer.


Episode 207 - Sandra Bernhard

The Sandra Bernhard who shows up in Marc’s garage is not the Sandra Bernhard that Marc was expecting. They talk about the distinctions between the real Sandra and her comic persona, which was forever amplified by The King of Comedy. Plus, Sandra gives her perspective on everyone from Jerry Lewis to Lady Gaga.  This episode is sponsored by Stitcher Radio. Click here and use offer code WTF to enter to win an iPad 2.

Episode 206 - Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik is a comedian who lives to push buttons. He talks with Marc about taboo humor, the one line he doesn’t want to cross, and how the show Deadwood changed his life. Plus, Marc relives his trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This episode is sponsored by - use the code “WTF” for a special offer.

Episode 145 - Gallagher

Gallagher is the first guest to ever walk out on Marc in the middle of an interview. You’ll hear how it got to that point as the famed watermelon-smasher defends his original brand of comedy (said watermelon-smashing) and his recent strain of on-stage bon mots (which have come under fire for racist and homophobic undertones).

Episode 205 - Jason Sudeikis

SNL’s Jason Sudeikis stops by the garage to explain how the high school debate team got him into show biz, to tell a story of heartbreak when he auditioned for Blue Man Group, and to express his displeasure with being dragged into the tabloids. Plus, more Lorne Michaels stories for the WTF history books. This episode is sponsored by SHUT UP LITTLE MAN! from Tribeca Film

Episode 204 - Doug Stanhope

Marc welcomes Doug Stanhope back to WTF. They discuss Doug’s time at The Man Show, his political leanings, and his desire to do coke at a famous comedy club. Plus, Doug explains the backstory of his awkward moment with Janeane Garofalo on The Green Room.  This episode is sponsored by - use the code “WTF” for a special offer.


Episode 203 - Carol Leifer

The very funny and very versatile Carol Leifer talks about coming of age as a stand-up and a comedy writer alongside a murderer’s row of other funny people. Plus, Marc figures out how to survive in Vegas. This episode is sponsored by Audible and by Busy Beaver Buttons, where you can find out how to get a free glow-in-the-dark WTF button.

Episode 202 - Jimmy Shubert

Comedian Jimmy Shubert and Marc both did time as doormen at The Comedy Store during the boom period of the mid-80s. So, naturally, their stories include an unparalleled cast of characters like Jim Carrey, Roseanne Barr, Richard Belzer, Garry Shandling, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney and Sam Kinison. This episode is sponsored by - use the offer code “WTF” for a special offer.

Episode 201 - Rob Huebel, Joe Lo Truglio, Aparna Nancherla, Bob Ducca, Jim & Eddie

Expert motivator Bob Ducca inspires the live WTF crowd, Aparna Nancherla gets joke advice from a stranger, Joe Lo Truglio proves he was the happy guy in The State, Rob Huebel can’t believe he intimidates Marc, Jim Earl brings the sadness and Eddie Pepitone brings the madness. This episode is sponsored by, where you can get a free audiobook download.

Episode 200 - Marc Maron (as told to Mike Birbiglia)

Guest host Mike Birbiglia finds out that 199 episodes have only scratched the surface of Marc Maron. Armed with questions from past WTF guests, Mike takes Marc on a trip through the inner recesses of his soul and arrives at a destination more than 200 hours in the making. This episode is sponsored by Mail Chimp.

Episode 199 - Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza deadpans her way into the garage at the Cat Ranch. The “Parks and Recreation” star talks about surviving a stroke, stalking Fred Armisen, hiding from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, and living in Astoria, Queens. Plus, Marc comes to terms with getting older while still liking new things. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central Records, presenting Marc’s new CD, THIS HAS TO BE FUNNY.

Episode 198 - San Antonio with Lucas Molandes

Take a road trip through San Antonio, Texas, with Marc and comedian Lucas Molandes. Discover the accordion-fueled joys of the Tejano Conjunto Festival. Hear the story of history’s most devastating plate of nachos. And bask in the schadenfreude when Marc and Lucas get kicked out of the Alamo.

Episode 197 - Andrew Dice Clay / Max Silverstein

He’s the only comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. Andrew Dice Clay talks with Marc about exploding onto the comedy scene in the late ‘80s and his recent career rebirth. Then Marc talks with Max Silverstein, a comedian in his own right, who also happens to be Andrew Dice Clay’s son. This episode is sponsed by the Futurama “Head-in-a-Jar Creator” APP from Comedy Central.