WTF Episodes

Episode 165 - Ed Helms

Fresh from the set of The Office, Ed Helms joins Marc in the garage to wind down after a day of shooting with a banjo/guitar jam session. They’ll also talk about Ed being embarrassed about his mother seeing The Hangover, his teenage awkwardness with the opposite sex, and something he did in the movie Cedar Rapids that he still can’t believe. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Click here and use the code WTF for a special offer on Easter flowers.

Episode 164 - Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Eric Drysdale, Chuck Klosterman, Sarah Vowell

A live WTF for the ages. Sarah Vowell waxes poetic on the history of Hawaii. Chuck Klosterman gives his take on recent shifts in pop culture. Eric Drysdale goes retro with his homemade 3-D viewmaster. Fred Armisen reveals which SNL character he based partially on Marc. And Bill Hader recounts a wild limo ride with Danny McBride. Taped at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, 3/10/11.


Episode 163 - Conan O’Brien

Conan. That’s really all you need to know. The late night legend makes good on his promise to sit down in Marc’s garage for a chat. They discuss Conan’s personal insecurities, the people who leave him starstruck, how he’s still processing what happened to him at NBC and how the recent events in his professional life helped him relax. This episode is sponsored by Merge Records. Go to and use the code ‘WTF’ at the checkout for 20% off all music and merchandise.

Episode 162 - Michael Showalter

Micheal Showalter is a founding member of The State, a writer, a director and now a university professor. He talks to Marc about his successes, his failures, his failures that he sees as successes, why he doesn’t see himself as an L.A. guy, and why he doesn’t see himself as a comedian. Plus, Marc divulges the details of his involvement in a major project.

Episode 161 - Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is an intimidating guy. He’s a trained martial artist and an intensely focused comedian. Maybe that’s why Marc had issues with him in the past. Then again, maybe it was because of Joe’s hosting gig on Fear Factor, or his infamous run-in with Carlos Mencia, or his past dating history. They’ll sort through all of that, plus Joe tells a story of backing down from a fight… with Buddy Hackett.

Episode 160 - Bobby Slayton

The Pitbull of Comedy Bobby Slayton talks with Marc about, well… a lot. Once he gets going it’s hard to slow him down. But before they’re all done, they’ll touch on his time as a member of The Rat Pack, his mishaps in late night, his Twitter war over a Disney Channel star, and how he let go of jealousy against other comics. This episode is sponsored by Photo Fiddle. Get an immediate discount when you enter WTF at the checkout.

Episode 159 - Adam Carolla

Podcasts collide when Adam Carolla joins Marc in the garage, although it’s not the type of garage Adam is used to. Find out why Adam is a man of contradictions and why Marc can relate to Adam’s upbringing. Plus, Marc recounts his visit to The World of Coca-Cola. This episode is sponsored by Photo Fiddle. Get an immediate discount when you enter WTF at the checkout.

Episode 158 - Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes is one of Marc’s oldest friends in comedy and he has one of the most interesting career paths. He talks with Marc about his role as the early face of Comedy Central, his ill-fated sitcom, his life abroad and his time as a talk show host in Amsterdam. This episode is sponsored by - click here for 50% off almost any item plus free gifts.

Episode 157 - Todd Barry, Ted Alexandro, Liam McEneaney, Otto and George, Heather Knight

Live from Brooklyn, NY, robotics specialist Heather Knight introduces Data, a robot who performs stand-up comedy, Otto and George bring the first ventriloquist act to WTF, Liam McEneaney tries to cope with the success of his new movie, Ted Alexandro agonizes over a strange proposition, and Todd Barry compares bad fan mail with Marc.


Marc and comedian Ryan Singer give you a peek at the glamorous life of a stand-up comic on the road - hunting for coffee in suburban Indiana and trying find people to talk to on a CB radio.

Episode 156 - Kathleen Madigan

Comedian Kathleen Madigan stops by the garage and her stories about Lewis Black give Marc a great idea for a new reality show. Kathleen also reflects on her recent trips to Afghanistan and why she remains loyal to Jay Leno. Also, Marc says goodbye to Mike DeStefano. This episode is sponsored by - click here for 50% off almost any item plus free gifts.

Episode 155 - Dino Stamatopoulos

The guy who plays Star-Burns on “Community” is actually a driving force behind some of the biggest comedy landmarks of the past two decades. Dino Stamatopoulos talks with Marc about his work on The Ben Stiller Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Mr. Show, TV Funhouse, Moral Orel, and Drinky Crow. And he has some good stories about a dominatrix.

Episode 154 - Amy Schumer

The delightful Amy Schumer talks with Marc about kleptomania, Last Comic Standing, cutting, cheating, her distant relative Senator Chuck Schumer and her favorite comic Dave Attell. Plus, Marc shares his thoughts on Charlie Sheen. This episode is sponsored by - click here for 50% off almost any item plus free gifts.

Episode 153 - Paul Krassner

Marc travels into the California desert to meet Paul Krassner, who represents about a half century of counter-culture comedy. Paul talks about his writing in The Realist magazine and his work with Lenny Bruce, giving context to the tumult (and humor) of the 1960s. And, as an added bonus, Paul recounts the time he acid-tripped with Groucho Marx.

Episode 152 - Comedy Film Nerds

Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini, hosts of the Comedy Film Nerds podcast, join Marc to obsess over this year’s Academy Award nominees. Plus, Marc defends his love of Hollywood and the moviestar mystique. This episode is sponsored by - click here for 50% off almost any item plus free gifts.