Boomer lives! I’ve decided that.

Yes, People!

Just trying to start with a positive. It’s been a bittersweet week but I think life is just like that depending on how many events you string together in your memory package.

The past week of shooting the IFC show was great. We cast Judd Hirsch as my father and working with him was a privilege. We did 3 days of work and I think if I would have done one more I would’ve been talking like an old Jewish man. That was compounded by the fact that Andy Kindler was playing my friend ‘Andy’ on the shows we were shooting. Lots of Jew power on set. I’m doing the work and it feels good. I have not looked at one scene of footage. I think I will wait on it a bit. Feels good though. Bobcat Goldthwait is directing the two we shot and it was wild to be working with him like this. I was proud of both of us.

My car battery died on Saturday. One of two of my days off was spent dealing with that. I chose not to lose my shit because I realized I was an adult and this shit happens. I don’t always make that choice. I got up and drove to this used stereo store to look for some old speakers and a receiver. I decided that I want to listen to my records and hear them like I heard them in high school -- through shitty speakers and a cheap receiver. I went outside and tried to start my car. It was dead. I was going to call AAA and I stopped myself and called my buddy Ryan Singer. He came over and jumped my old Camry with his old Camry. I didn’t know if it was the battery or the alternator but then again I don’t even really know what or where the alternator is so I was just doing some non-car-guy speculating. It was enough to make me a little worried. It’s a fucking Toyota though, nothing really breaks on a Toyota. I was nervous but not freaked out. So, we got it going and went to lunch. After lunch we went out to the car. Dead. Jumped it again. Went to Autozone. They charged the battery and we went to get coffee. Came back and they declared the battery wasted. Got a new one and went our separate ways. The point is that it was great to spend the day with Ryan. We hadn’t seen each other in a while. We got caught up, did some guy talk, doing guy shit, car-centric. We felt like men, single men with no kids with time on their hands. It was good.

After the battery situation I went to a high-end stereo store to see what I could find. There is literally one high-end stereo store in LA. I’ve been a bit obsessed with MacIntosh amps since I was at Third Man Records and saw that Jack had a wall of them. I thought I would price a system. For an amplifier and a set of speakers, midrange, about ten grand. When the fuck did that happen? I’ll wait it out.

No sign of Boomer yet but Boomer lives! I’ve decided that.

This week on Monday, the voice of SpongeBob, Tom Kenny, talks in his own voice, mostly. On Thursday, a full hour with W. Kamau Bell and we talk race, yes, race. He wanted to!