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Marc Maron Remembers the Lower East Side: Collective RevJen

WTF - Weird Al is a hoarder

Full episode out 2/27

WTF - Diablo Cody talks about her past as a stripper.

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The Marc & Tom Show.

Howdy, Folks-

First off, thank you Oklahoma City. I had a fun-filled, power-packed 13 hours there. I got lost driving around for an hour, ate insane BBQ, smelled some new bad things and hung out with an artist that I have a great deal of respect for AND had two phenomenal shows, one of which required some hands-on couples counseling skills I really didn’t know that I had. All ended well. I can’t speak to what happened after everyone left the place but in the room we had it all level.

I want to thank everyone that came out to the shows and thanks for all gifts and foooooood! Fried chicken, cupcakes, cookies, the works. Gracias. Good seeing everyone. Nice meeting Wayne Coyne, too. That was definitely a good hang. He witnessed that second show. I talk more about it all on the show today.

I will be at the Vancouver Comedy Festival this weekend. I know the live WTF is sold out but I am not sure what other shows are available. You can go to the website and check it out.

Along with our regular shows this week we bring a special treat. It’s The Marc and Tom Show. A while back I talked with Tom Scharpling from "The Best Show on WFMU" about doing a show together and we did it. It's not WTF. It's not The Best Show. It's its own thing. Hope you enjoy it. This one-time show will be up for premium subscribers on Tuesday, for everyone else on Wednesday.

And you should know, Tom's station, WFMU, is a listener sponsored radio station and they make their budget through an annual fundraiser. Tune in to Tom's show on Tuesday, February 21st and Tuesday, February 28th from 9pm to midnight Eastern. He'll have all kinds of special prizes and giveaways and you can only get them by pledging during Tom's show. Go to wfmu.org for more info and to listen online, and you can follow Tom for updates on Twitter, @scharpling.

This week on the show, Monday we have the amazing tales of the very funny Big Jay Oakerson. He has some of the best stories you’ll hear. On Thursday I talk to Diablo Cody about writing and where she comes from as a writer and a person. Mentally and physically.



WTF - Big Jay Oakerson & Steve-O

Full episode out 2/20


WTF - Bill Maher talks about his college years

Full episode out 2/16

How about a hand for the old guys?

Okay, let’s get into it here, people-

I have not been to Oklahoma City for more than a drive-through ever but this Saturday I will be there for a show and if you live in the area you should come down. I will be at the City Arts Center at 7PM. Get your tickets now. I may add another show depending on how sales go but it seems likely.

Well, I am feeling old and disgusting. If I don’t start going to the gym as opposed to just thinking about going I’m going to crawl out of my skin. I don’t feel 48 but I am 48. I imagine if I had kids I would be more aware of myself aging but I don’t. I can’t watch them grow. I can only tell from photos of myself and recently I have been noticing an older man in the pictures. He looks like an older version of me. It is not the same guy I see in the mirror so I either have to question all cameras' ability to capture me honestly or just start looking at myself differently in the mirror. I can also just deny it’s happening but that would be ridiculous. I’m okay with it. Seriously. As long as my organs keep working and my brain stays relatively sharp I think I’ll be okay. I’m dating a younger women so that will either keep me young or kill me. More will be revealed. I didn’t plan on her. It just happened and I’m going with it. Okay?

In all honesty I have never done better work in my life. I finally feel like I have arrived in my skin and have little fear around expressing myself. It’s strange to me. I think this is the natural progression of things. Why wouldn’t I be doing my best work? I’ve spent years getting here. This culture puts so much emphasis on being young, looking young and appealing to young people that you forget older people have years of craft and wisdom to bring to the table. I think as long as older artists aren’t whining about being old and/or desperately trying to be young there’s probably some great work being done. I am not necessarily talking about me but I am talking about my guests this week.

Nick Lowe is arguably at the top of his game and he is 62 years old. He was a pop sweetheart back in the day and has written some great songs but now he is a bonafide Troubadour. I saw him perform with just his guitar, an open heart and nothing to hide as performer and it was spectacular. We talk about his life in music and he dishes a bit about Elvis Costello and Johnny Cash AND he sings a couple of songs. It is a unique episode. Not your regular WTF. On Thursday Bill Maher is on the show. I went to his home and sat down with him for about an hour. He’s not what I would call an elder statesman but he is definitely in his prime at 56 and at the top of his game.

So, how about a hand for the old guys! Enjoy!


WTF - Nick Lowe “The Beast in Me”

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WTF - Bill Lawrence talks about his preppy roots.

Full episode out 2/9

I’m not a fucking whore.

Yes, People-

It happened. I am no longer afraid to sing in public. Now I just have a few fears that have to be dealt with: Riding a motorcycle, skydiving and death. I can live without confronting the first two and who really has a handle on that last one.

The shows in San Francisco at Sketchfest were great. The live WTF was sold out and it was fun as hell. The standup went well as did the ‘Bring the Rock’ show which is where I watched my fear of singing and playing die thanks to Dave Alvin. The premise of BTR is a comedian tells a story and then the band plays the song either with the comic or not. This is the show I did last year and sang in public for the first time since the fear set in when I was 15.

The story is this: Years ago when I was living in Hollywood and a doorman at the Comedy Store, the Hard Rock Café opened in the Beverly Center. Me and my friend Jim were hungover and had nothing to do during the day so we decided to go in and check the place out. I was fascinated with all the rock paraphernalia. The place was pretty empty. It was a weekday. We were waiting for our food so I went into the bathroom. I approached the urinals and started to pee. I was looking at the gold records on the wall as I went and a man approached the urinal next to me. We were both just pissing looking up at the records. I looked over and realized it was Dave Alvin from the Blasters. Me being me, I needed to have some kind of earnest moment of connectivity with him so I mentally scrambled for something to say. Given the situation I didn’t want make it too weird. So this is what came out of my mouth: “How come you don’t have any gold records up here?” I really didn’t think it was a shitty question but in retrospect maybe it was. He looked at me and said, “Because I’m not a fucking whore.” After that we both just looked at the wall, did what we had to do, flushed and walked out.

I ran into Dave years later at a show and asked if he remembered it. He said he had only been in that place once and it sounded like something he would say. I guess I didn’t make that big an impression. Probably better off.

I sang ‘Help You Dream’ last night. It was great.

On the show this week I tracked down a guy I started out with who has an intense and wild story, Matt Graham. Matt went from comic to professional Scrabble Player to Poker Player to attempting to play college basketball at 40. Intense dude. Good talk. On Thursday, Bill Lawrence. He created Scrubs and Cougar Town and is also an intense guy. Another good talk.

I'm driving a U-Haul from SF to LA now. I bet you envy me.


WTF - Matt Graham and Marc talk about their history.

Full episode out 2/6


Marc Maron on Jimmy Kimmel Parts 1 & 2

Do it!

We had some amazing make up sex, twice.

Hey, People-

Boston was fahkin wicked pissah!

Before I get into that I would like to remind you Bay Area folks that I will be at SF Sketchfest this weekend doing a lot of shows including a live WTF and a stand up show. Please check out what isn’t sold out at their website. I know the live WTF is already packed out.

In general, If you are new to this email thing you can always go www.wtfpod.com and check the calendar for my upcoming dates: Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Grand Rapis and Vancouver are all coming up.

Thank you Boston! I couldn’t figure out why I never go to Boston until I realized that I spent a lot of formative years in that city. That means there was a lot of pain and emotional drama associated with it. I went to college there for five years and then went back there to start my comedy career. Can you think of two more traumatic times in a life as college and early standup gigs? Horrifying. So many memories, so many of them awful. Boston was like a crazy, draining ex-girlfriend who I was afraid to run into.

Well, all that has changed. The live standup show and the live WTF at The Wilbur Theater were completely awesome on every level. Almost 1000 people showed up for each show and we had a blast. It was definitely a life changing experience for me. I want to formally thank the comics I had on the show. I have nothing but respect for all of them and they were great! Kenny Rogerson, Tony V, Jimmy Tingle, Mike Donovan and Frank Santorelli were just spectacular. Rick Jenkins did an awesome job opening for me as well. These guys are real pros and it was a fucking joy watching them work as they talked to me.

So, I guess you can say that me and Boston are cool now. We had some amazing make up sex, twice, and it was better than ever.

I will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight if you want to tune and he will be on WTF today if you want to tune into to that, or both. On Thursday we will run the live WTF from Boston. I hope you can feel the love.


WTF - Jimmy Kimmel & Marc talk diets

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Marc Maron Remembers the Lower East Side: Luna

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