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WTF - Molly Shannon gets in a car accident.

Full episode out 3/22

The city is built on a pyramid scheme.

Hey, gang!

Laughfest in Grand Rapids Michigan was amazing. We had a great standup show and an amazing live WTF. Thank you to all who came out! This weekend I will be in Bloomington, Indiana at The Comdey Attic. It’s a small club so the shows will be intense and intimate and funny, if you are into that kind of thing and in the area. Please check my schedule to the left of here for shows that you can come to down the street from where you are.

I turned in the manuscript for my book. I have no idea how it got written or what it is but I handed a large bunch of words to my editor and I hope we can make a book out of it. I re-read it and I think there’s some good stuff in there. I will keep you in the loop.

I stayed at the Amway Hotel in Grand Rapids. Apparently the city is built on a pyramid scheme. It is the top of the pyramid. I did absolutely no research on the founders of Amway and I honestly don’t know how they made all their money. I mean, does anyone really sell Amway? I know people think they can sell Amway and they get the kit and the order forms and the little zip pouch for all the money they are going to make going door to door with their catalog of poorly labeled products that usually need to be diluted. Does anyone even buy Amway or is its fortune built by people buying the kits? Are there any actual Amway products or is all the money just the fees from starry-eyed desperate people who think they can make a killing selling cleaning fluid in their neighborhood OR is it all a front for the illuminati and Amway is just one of the many faces of the beast? I don’t know. I know that I tried to sell it in high school and I was rejected once and put the samples in the closet.

The enchanting and odd Mary Mack is on the show on Monday. She is a true Midwesterner with an approach to comedy that has a childlike innocence. I love her. On Thursday, Molly Shannon is back on the show for a one-on-one. It was great to talk to her - a deep and funny chat.

Hope to see you soon.


WTF - Mary Mack and Marc sing a sing-a-long song.

Full episode out 3/19

WTF - Fred Willard talks about his start in Improv.

Full episode out 3/15

“A Day in the Life” premieres on Hulu.

How’s it going, people-

Let me say that if you live anywhere near Grand Rapids, Michigan you should come out to the live WTF at Gilda’s Laugh Fest on the 17th and/or my standup show on the 15th. I’m feeling they will both be good. Come down if you can. If you are in 500 mile radius of Bloomington, Indiana and you want to make the trip I will be at The Comedy Attic March 23rd and 24th. Swing by.

I am exhausted. I’m on a plane as I write this heading to SXSW for a day and then on to NYC to tape the John Oliver NYC Standup Show or whatever it is called. Then back to LA on Tuesday. Insane schedule. Trying not to freak out.

I just left Minneapolis. The shows at Acme Comedy Club were amazing. I hadn’t been there in 12 years. I was banned. I always thought was for a weekend that involved drugs, drinking, a condo and an obese woman, but no. It was because the club owner thought I was a dick. I had to find that out by reading a piece in the local paper. All these years I had mythologized that weekend in my mind as the series of events that got me thrown out but it had nothing to so with it. Well, I guess I’m not a dick anymore. At the very least I am a lot less of dick. It was great to be back at the club. It is one of the best in the country. All five shows sold out and the people that came out were just great. I want to thank all of you.

This week is exciting. On Monday, I’ll be posting an episode with Mindy Kaling from the office. Also on Monday, Morgan Spurlock’s "A Day in the Life" is premiering on Hulu. It is a series of short documentary profiles. I am the premiere episode and in that episode there is footage of me interviewing Mindy Kaling. So, get your technology synched up and check them both out. I like what Morgan’s crew did. Documentary crews can be intrusive and annoying but they were great. I thought they did an amazing job. Jessica appears in the piece as just a voice. She wasn’t expecting so many people to show up at the house and she was a bit hungover so she doesn’t come out of the bedroom. It is a highlight of the doc. There are appearances from Boomer and the crazy stray as well. I think it is an honest portal into my life. Enjoy it. I did and I don’t generally like that much me.

On Thursday, the amazingly funny Fred Willard is on the show. I really had no idea about the slice of sketch comedy history he laid on me. It was great to talk to him.

Okay, see you soon.


WTF - Mindy Kaling talks about the bad kids at the Pit.

Full episode out 3/12

PLUS: Check out Marc & Mindy on Morgan Spurlock's "A Day in the Life," out Monday 3/12 here: http://www.hulu.com/a-day-in-the-life

Why can’t I just be happy?

Lets do this, People-

First off, I am at Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis this week, Thursday through Saturday. It’s a great club and I haven’t been there in years. After that I will be in Austin, Texas at SXSW on Sunday, March 11. I will be doing a live WTF at 4PM at Esther’s Follies. It will be a one on one with Jeffrey Tambor. I have no idea how to get tickets or how SXSW works so you are on your own getting in. On Monday the 12th I will be taping The John Oliver Standup Show in NYC, if you're in the area you can try to get tickets here. The following weekend I will be appearing at Gilda’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I will doing a standup show on the 15th and a live WTF on the 17th with Drew Hastings, Tommy Johnagin, Kevin Nealon and Alan Zweibel. Should be good.

That said, I have been plagued with weird headaches in the back of my head and my shoulders are tight and achy. Maybe I’m stressed, maybe there is something growing inside my skull. I don’t know. Let’s try to track it down. Do I have any reason to be stressed? I eat a shitload of nicotine lozenges and drinking over a pot of coffee a day. You see my schedule. My book is due on the 15th. I just had my house ripped apart to install heat and AC and I had a wall demolished and rebuilt. Jessica has moved in. I just rented a huge storage space to house both our hoards. I haven’t moved my stuff yet and it’s already almost full. I need to paint and have a shelving unit built. Shit is all over the house and I just broke down the biggest Ikea unit I have ever seen. I barely remember building it for my ex-wife. You think it could be tension or am I storing a tumor? There’s certainly no room in the storage space for it.

It’s amazing that once you make the decision to live with someone how quickly that becomes frightening. She’s been basically living with me for a year but she always had her apartment, a safe house for her and an emotional insurance policy for me. Now, it’s gone and shit just got very real. I’m excited but I’m also a little freaked out. Why can’t I just be happy? I don’t know, let me ask my aching head.

Speaking of happy couples, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman are on the show today. It was lovely to talk to them and I can only hope to be as happy as they seem to be.

Marc, Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman

On Thursday Jake Johannsen is in the garage. He’s a pro, been around a long time, I have never talked to him. It was a pleasure.

I have to take some aspirin.


Nick Lowe - “Sensitive Man”

Check out Marc star in Nick Lowe's new music video for his single "Sensitive Man."

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The Marc & Tom Show.

Howdy, Folks-

First off, thank you Oklahoma City. I had a fun-filled, power-packed 13 hours there. I got lost driving around for an hour, ate insane BBQ, smelled some new bad things and hung out with an artist that I have a great deal of respect for AND had two phenomenal shows, one of which required some hands-on couples counseling skills I really didn’t know that I had. All ended well. I can’t speak to what happened after everyone left the place but in the room we had it all level.

I want to thank everyone that came out to the shows and thanks for all gifts and foooooood! Fried chicken, cupcakes, cookies, the works. Gracias. Good seeing everyone. Nice meeting Wayne Coyne, too. That was definitely a good hang. He witnessed that second show. I talk more about it all on the show today.

I will be at the Vancouver Comedy Festival this weekend. I know the live WTF is sold out but I am not sure what other shows are available. You can go to the website and check it out.

Along with our regular shows this week we bring a special treat. It’s The Marc and Tom Show. A while back I talked with Tom Scharpling from "The Best Show on WFMU" about doing a show together and we did it. It's not WTF. It's not The Best Show. It's its own thing. Hope you enjoy it. This one-time show will be up for premium subscribers on Tuesday, for everyone else on Wednesday.

And you should know, Tom's station, WFMU, is a listener sponsored radio station and they make their budget through an annual fundraiser. Tune in to Tom's show on Tuesday, February 21st and Tuesday, February 28th from 9pm to midnight Eastern. He'll have all kinds of special prizes and giveaways and you can only get them by pledging during Tom's show. Go to wfmu.org for more info and to listen online, and you can follow Tom for updates on Twitter, @scharpling.

This week on the show, Monday we have the amazing tales of the very funny Big Jay Oakerson. He has some of the best stories you’ll hear. On Thursday I talk to Diablo Cody about writing and where she comes from as a writer and a person. Mentally and physically.



WTF - Big Jay Oakerson & Steve-O

Full episode out 2/20