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WTF - How do you pronounce Gina Gerson?

Full episode out 3/7


Podcasters are under attack from Patent Trolls.

Thank you Pacific Northwest! Hello to the rest of you!

Great shows in Portland and Seattle. I was feverish in Seattle and did a marathon, near-two-hour set. I wanted people to get their Maron’s worth. Portland was a blast. Was there for less than a day and had some Pok Pok wings, hung out with Ian Karmel and the theater almost flooded. The toilet broke. It had nothing to do with the wings. Just happened.

I will be at SWSX with the IFC folks and doing a live WTF there. Please check my schedule at wtfpod.com/calendar for upcoming dates in Chicopee, Boston (stand up and a live WTF,) SF, Bethlehem and Milwaukee. I will be shooting an hour special in NYC in April. I will let you know when and where.

I have to be honest with you people. I guess I don’t have to be, but I seem to choose to be. I think I am suppressing a shitload of anxiety and dread. Maybe I’m just putting them on the back burner and choosing to keep excitement on the front one. My book is coming out at the end of April and my show premieres on IFC at the beginning of May. Everyone in the world is going to have the opportunity to be sick of me all at once in at least three mediums. That’s negative. See, in my mind, my excitement is always diminished by my need to prepare for the negative. I know these things are going to happen and I know that, given the world we live in with all its wonderful access opportunities, I’m going to be filtering some shit coming at me. I can barely disengage with trolls in any format now, without a ton of stuff out there. All I’m saying is that I will have to work an Al-Anon program for the Internet. That’s a very specific joke but those of you who were on it, enjoy.

I’m actually thrilled with the way the book came out, as I am with the TV series. I want you know that. I am antsy for you all to see them both.

If you all weren’t aware yet you should know that some podcasters are under attack from patent trolls. Adam Carolla is actually being sued. A patent troll called Personal Audio claims to own the patent for podcasting and is suing Adam and some other podcasts and sent letters of coercion to me and about a dozen others. It’s serious bullshit. I know you’re thinking, “How can you patent ‘podcasting?’ That’s ridiculous.” It is ridiculous, even when you look at the patent, but now someone has to pay LOTS of money to prove that.

Patent trolls are companies who don’t make anything or don’t sell anything, but own patents and use them as a weapon to extort money from businesses and individuals, usually demanding licensing fees that are cheaper than actually litigating a case in court. A patent troll uses patents as legal weapons, instead of actually creating any new products or coming up with new ideas. Instead, trolls are in the business of litigation (or even just threatening litigation). The business model works because patent litigation is so expensive—often costing well into the millions of dollars. This means that when facing the threat of a patent suit, many will choose to settle instead of fight. Of course, this just further emboldens the patent trolls.

Podcasters are uniting to figure out a course of action and help each other. The EFF has been helping us and also asking us to help them support new legislation called the SHIELD Act to make Patent Trolling less prevalent. Please go here eff.org/shield and let your representatives know how you feel.

I may need more of your help around this problem in upcoming months. I will let you know.

Thanks to all of you who bought ‘Boomer Lives’ shirts, I was able to donate 700 dollars to Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (arf.net). We did a bit of research and I like what they are doing. It will go directly to saving animals’ lives. Thank you. I will send more as more shirts go onto your backs.

On the show this week is the astounding John Darneille of the Mountain Goats. He’s an amazing songwriter and musician with an incredible story. He’s also a great talker which is of course good for our endeavor. On Thursday the lovely Gina Gershon is on the show. She appears in an episode of my IFC show and here she is in the garage. Love her.


Boomer lives!


WTF - John Darnielle talks speed & HIV

Full episode out 3/4


WTF - Why did Darryl Lenox move to Canada?

Full episode out 2/28


I love show business.

Hello, people-

Congrats to all you Oscar winners, wait, what am I doing?

I’m going to keep this brief! First off I will be in Portland, Oregon this Thursday, Feb. 28, and in Seattle at the Neptune Theater this Friday, March 1. I think there are some tickets left for both—maybe. Get on it if you want to come. Please check the schedule at wtfpod.com/calendar for upcoming dates.

I love watching the Oscars. That’s all I’m going to say. I love Anne Hathaway and I am not ashamed of that. I love Jennifer Lawrence and I am okay with that as well. I was upset that Silver Lining Playbook didn’t win big. I thought it was a sweet, raw movie about broken people with a lot of heart. It was good to see Jack Nicholson and I think Seth did a good job. It was really one of the best awards for many years in my opinion. Why am I telling you this? Well, I have to admit, I love show business. There, I said it. I think I’ve said it before but I just need to be clear with myself and you. For whatever it’s worth, show business is the business I chose and I’ve been in it, kinda, more than half my life. I never imagined how it would pan out or whether or not it would at all but I’ve always loved it. So, it’s always fun to watch the spectacle of celebrity strutting like the American royalty that they are. It’s also interesting to check in yearly with how everyone is aging and/or trying to fight that process.

Speaking of beautiful, broken people I have Mike White on the show today. Mike’s show, Enlightened, on HBO is really one of the rawest, most compelling shows on the air. I really encourage you to check it out if you haven’t. It’s disturbing and awesome, raw and real. Mike is a genius. Our talk was intense. On Thursday Coedian Darryl Lenox talks about his fall from the grace of his friends and family and how his battle with blindness changed his heart and career. It’s a humbling talk. Hope you dig it.

Stay well.

Boomer lives.


WTF - Mike White’s Dad was a religious ghost writer.

Full episode out 2/25


WTF - Aimee Mann on ‘Til Tuesday

Full episode out 2/21


There are some things I’d like to keep private.

I’m up north, folks-

First things first. For all you Tom Scharpling and Marc Maron fans there’s a new Marc and Tom Show up and available. You can either go here or just go to iTunes and search Marc and Tom. It’ s great verbal jam. Tom has a great story about a bad encounter with a famous athlete at a Who concert. Plus, I'll talk about the secrets of my rock and roll past. And one of us cops to pitching a movie studio on Big Momma's House 3.

Thank you, Ohio. Despite all of my whining about ticket sales we had great crowds in Cincy and Columbus. They weren’t packed, but they were perfect. The venue in Cincy was a place called Bogarts. People got me nervous saying it was just a shitty rock club. It turns out it is a haunted theater that has been around since the early 1900s. I’ve never performed in a place where the actual theater looked exhausted. That space looks like it had been through just about everything a building could go through and it needed a rest. It felt like it wants to just collapse. I though it was great. There were all these maze-like hallways in the backstage area and every room felt like it had seen some shit. A few ghosts were hanging around. As always, I don't mind having ghosts around. I think they are good for the show.

Columbus was great as well. We played a beautiful theater and the balcony was "dark." That’s a nice way of saying we didn’t sell enough tickets to seat it. I didn’t obsess too much. The place was perfect and the crowd was stellar.

Mike Lawrence did a great job opening for me. People love that guy.

I’m currently in Vancouver recovering from an amazing live WTF during which Margaret Cho talked about my penis for ten minutes. There are some things I would like to keep private. Guess that’s off that list.

Please check wtfpod.com/calendar for upcoming dates in Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Chicopee, Boston (stand up & live WTF,) SF, Bethlehem PA, Milwaukee and Austin TX! As far as I know the IFC show, "Maron," premieres in May and my new book, "Attempting Normal," is out at the end of April. Looks like it might be available for preorder here. You might want to wait for cover art.

This week on the show I finally sit down with Eddie Pepitone for an hour. He brought Steven Feinartz with him. Steven directed the documentary on Eddie called "The Bitter Buddha" which is out this week in select theaters around the U.S. and will be on demand and on iTunes starting Tuesday, February 19th. That's tomorrow. It's been at a bunch of film festivals, most recently at Slamdance. The website is here and you can buy it on iTunes.

The lovely and intense Aimee Mann talks to me on Thursday AND she sings songs. This has been a long time coming. She’s an odd and interesting bird.


Boomer lives!


Marc and Tom 3 AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

The Best Show and WTF collide for a third time!

Get the new episode of The Marc and Tom Show on iTunes by clicking here. It's only $2.99.

What sports legend ruined a Who concert for Tom?

Which one of the guys tried, unsuccessfully, to pitch Big Momma's House 3?

Plus, Marc's traumatic story of his first (and nearly last) band gig.

Get it now.

WTF - Marc confronts Eddie Pepitone.

Full episode out 2/18

WTF - DC Pierson is ambitious.

Full episode out 2/14

Back to snow.

I’m trying, Folks-


First off, I want to reach out to people in Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, Vancouver BC, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Eugene OR, San Francisco CA, Bethlehem PA and Milwaukee WI. I will be in your towns in the next few months. Please check the listings to the left of this email. The re-scheduled dates for the Boston/Chicopee show are Chicopee on March 29th and Boston on March 30th. That’s two shows in Boston. A live WTF and a standup show. One standup show in Chicopee.

Back to snow.

My deepest apologies to the people of New England who were planning on coming out to see me at either the Boston or Chicopee gigs but there was just no fucking way it could happen. I was ready to go. I had asked my agent if there was any chance the gig would be canceled or whether or not we should cancel it. On Wednesday it was all systems go and everyone was just looking at the forecast as bad but doable. I know snow. I lived on the East Coast for years. I have done gigs in snow and driven to them in blizzards, so I was in. Then as shit started to unfold I realized a few things. I didn’t want my fans driving in horrible conditions, I didn’t want people not to come because they were afraid to drive and, because of the forecast, many people just weren’t going to come because of what might happen.

I got up Thursday, packed and loaded my car up for the airport and I just had that feeling. Something in my gut made me get on the phone and take a stand with my agent to get the shows moved. It just seemed unfair to too many people if the storm happened AND if I got there and the venue cancelled I would have had to eat the travel and the tickets. So, I put in a call to the agent and started driving to the airport. He called me back and said it was done. No shows and we’d reschedule. When I watched the news and the Twitter feed I can honestly say I have never been happier to see such a shitty snowstorm hit with such impact. I was off the hook and we all get another shot to do some shows that everyone can get to and no one well get stranded or hurt doing it. Unless there is another Blizzard on March 29th and 30th then I will have to re-think my entire belief system and get straight with God.

Thank you all for the amazing feedback on the Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner episodes. I really can’t express what an amazing experience it was to talk to both of them. I’m very happy you dug the talks.

This week on Monday I try to get behind the chaos and madness that seems to be Tom Green and on Thursday the renaissance man that is DC Pierson talks about any number of media he seems to be excelling in (and he’s not even 30 yet). I will try to keep my old man crankiness

at bay. Try.


Boomer lives!


WTF - Tom Green started stand up at 15 years old.

Full episode out 2/11


WTF - Carl Reiner tells the Jewish origin of the 2000 year old man.

Full episode out 2/7


I have an inner Alter Kocker.

Shalom, Friends!

First things first. I have dates coming up in Boston (stand up and a live WTF) and Chicopee, MA, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH, Vancouver, BC (stand up and a live WTF,) Portland and Eugene, OR, Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA and Bethlehem, PA! Please check my calendar at wtfpod.com for more info and dates if you can’t see it directly to the left of this paragraph.

Thanks to all who came out to The Egg in Albany. It was a fun show. I was a little nervous that they moved me to the smaller venue but it seated 400 and it was full. The Egg is an amazing place. I felt like I was inside a giant piece of Mid-Century Danish Modern furniture. Beautiful venue.

I did a monster set of an hour and 45 minutes at the Sixth and I Synagogue in DC. We packed it out and I appreciate you coming. I am happy to say I think I pulled in a few more bucks than I did at my Bar Mitzvah. I earned it. It was a much longer set than my Bar Mitzvah and I think I put much more work in to it. About a half a lifetime’s worth as opposed to a few months learning songs in a language I didn’t understand.

This is a very exciting week on the show. On Monday I talk to Mel Brooks and on Thursday I talk to Carl Reiner. Just a little heads up, when I talk to Mel I may have become and old Jewish man for a while. It happens. I think I have an inner Alter Kocker. I guess we all do. I don’t want to tip too much here but I will say it was an amazing experience talking to both Mel and Carl. Mel was tricky in that there is very little he hasn’t talked or shpritzed about. I actually watched hours of different interviews and TV segments. I always remembered him as being hilarious but I had forgotten or maybe never knew just how fucking funny he is. I tried to find a way to connect with him that would get me to places other than his public narrative about himself. I think I succeeded. He was very taken with me and he insisted that I talk to Carl. He said he would set it up and he did.

Mel is 86 and Carl is going to be 91. It is astounding how much clarity they both have and engaged in life they both still are. Mel and Carl hang out together almost every night. Mel goes to Carl’s house and the two of them spend hours together. The whole thing is very touching and they both talk about it. Talking to them was an incredible experience for me. I will get into specifics on the show. Just know that I was beside myself for both of these interviews in a way I have never been. It all felt so familiar but so otherworldly simultaneously. Hope you enjoy the talks.

Boomer lives.